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Archive for May 30th, 2004

Sara has Graduated!

Sunday, May 30th, 2004

My Goddaughter, Sara, graduated from High School today. Mom and I went to her graduation together. Later Brian and I met Mom and Fred at Sara’s open house.

This young lady is just beaming these days. She got her braces off in the last few weeks, and she was doing the expected adrenaline rush about graduation today. She tends to squeal when she is excited. (When she was younger, she would just laugh out loud when she was happy… I loved to see her stand in the door and laugh as I was approaching the house. I felt very welcomed and very loved.)

Sara will have her ballet recital next weekend. I just love watching her dance. I can really see how she is maturing by watching her become more and more comfortable with her dancing, with moving her physical body on stage. I’m very proud of her, but more important, she is proud of herself.

As I wrote to Sara today, when a baby comes into this world, the first time I meet the child I tend to ask them “what will you be like?” And today I was able to see that the answer is a very fine answer, indeed. She is true to herself, she knows who she is, she enjoys life.

And in August we will be taking a trip for a week, to Vermont. We will visit my friend Elizabeth… who we visited in 2001, on the way to Montreal. This time Elizabeth is the destination. I am very much looking forward to our trip. I am honored that an 18 year old girl would want to spend a week with me. Isn’t that just grand? I must have done something right, somewhere.

Congratulations, Sara. You have chosen well, and have become a fine young lady.