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Archive for July 7th, 2004

The Weather is Picking on Me

Wednesday, July 7th, 2004

Drat. I was planning to ride my bike to Foster Center today, for Habibi dance rehearsal. they were not expecting rain for 2 days. Now, they are predicting thunderstorms. I could tell it was changing… the breeze picked up and it cooled off in mid-day. I’m so bummed!

I work at Foster tomorrow but I now have a dinner date/stick-shift driving lesson with Sara immediately after work, so I can’t ride my bike tomorrow either. Good thing I went on a little spin around the neighborhood a few days ago. That bike is so fun, and I just am not using it as often as I would like.

In other news, I am in the beginnings of another dye batch. I am doing larger skeins this time, at least three skeins that are about a half pound of yarn. The ColorSox (thick fingering) is about 875 yards. Considering a small ball of Regia sockyarn is about 229.5 yds, it’s about 3.85 balls of Regia 4ply to one of my half-pound ColorSox skeins. For us, that would make two pair… one for me and one for Brian, and no doubt a good bit of yarn left since we both have small feet.

Half a pound of ColorSport is 450 yd. This is essentially two of the 8oz skeins I’ve been selling previous.y. It will help out those who don’t have small feet, or who want to do cables or lace, or make a tall cuff.

This size should also be good for those who want to make baby clothes, or a tank top, or hat/scarf as Sharon P did last year, by combining the ColorSport with a few other yarns. There also will fewer ends to work in, for those doing larger projects than sox. We’ll see how it works out.

No pictures yet, the yarn is still wet and I’m not done with all I’ll be dyeing. However, here is a picture of the first harvest from my tiny garden, about a meter/yard wide by half of a meter/yard deep. We have parsley, which is going nuts, extra healthy and large. We have a small spring of dill weed that came up from seed from last year’s dill (the dill I planted this year from seed is still only less than 2 inches tall). And we have baby Swiss chard with red stems. I used these items in a salad we took to the 4th of July jam session.