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Archive for July 13th, 2004

A Potpourri of Thoughts

Tuesday, July 13th, 2004

Today I’m focusing on getting a web page together for my current batch of yarns. The page will hopefully be up tomorrow, definitely by the 15th. Therefore I will amazingly keep it a little shorter and without photos today.

Monday I met Sharon P of Knitknacks, for an iced tea at the outdoor tables of Beaners on the South Side. For a few minutes it rained and then it immediately got so hot and sunny we had to go inside. It was great being outside at all.

Sharon is knitting two beautiful things. (See photos on her blog.) One is a sunburst purse (knit like a short-rowed beret, where it looks like sections of a pie) out of a soy silk ribbon. It’s dyed beautifully, a perfect summer rainbow.

The other is a pair of socks from Koigu’s Kersti yarn. That yarn is so heavenly, I get tempted every time I see it. Fortunately I don’t see it often!!! I need to make yarn to sell, not buy more for my personal stash. I hope that soon I’ll be using my yarns to design a few patterns specifically for ColorSport. I hope. My dance card is already a little over-full so I don’t know when that might happen.

Anyway, Sharon told me that there has been a Monday knit-in at Schuler’s Books at Eastowne Mall for a while, and she was planning to go for the first time. I thought I might check it out, too… I’ll be booked on Mondays during the school year but could do it this week.

So I went, a bit late since I had some other things to finish first. And I got there, and Sharon P and her beau Lynn were the only ones there, at least in the knitting realm. We sat and knitted and talked for a while, and then gave it up when it was almost 9pm. That was too bad, we thought we might meet new knitters. We *did* have a good time, anyway!

In unrelated news, I was sent a quote today by Anna Freud. It was originally written in German, but fortunately for me it came with an English translation as well.

English – Creative minds have always been known to survive any kind of bad training.

German – Kreative Gemüter waren schon immer bekannt dafür, jede Art schlechter Ausbildung zu überleben