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Archive for July 16th, 2004

Thank you, Cyndy!

Friday, July 16th, 2004

This is a quick note to acknowledge a very wonderful gift I got from Cyndy in the mail this week. It’s a box full of fun yarns, and I’ll take photos later. Right now I have a day full of obligations, and a tomorrow full as well. I’ll be back with photos before you know it.

Thanks for thinking of me, Cyndy! That was so sweet of you.

Habibi Group Pictures

Friday, July 16th, 2004

Wednesday night, the Habibi Dancers had a group photo session. We all got to dress up really pretty and have fun with being girls. We got to take a few snapshots at the same time. Of course, mine are not as good as the photographer’s shots will be, but mine are quicker to access, he’s still getting the film processed.

The first shot here is my friend April and her baby Isabel. Don’t they look just as beautiful as can be??? Isabel had a fun day, because everyone was holding her and talking to her and making sure she was happy. She was just gurgling away as happy babies do. It was sweet.

The second shot is the three new Habibi apprentice members. On the left is my friend Marie, who I’ve pictured here before. Second is Jennifer and third is Moriah. These ladies are all excellent dancers with wonderful stage presence. They also are good to hang around. I’m glad they are in my life.

The third photo is part of the troupe all together. Unfortunately, my friend Anne/Nyla can only be seen by her hand holding a sword in the front right corner. I might be missing someone else, as well.

You can find me in the group shot, in the back row toward the left. I’m wearing purple but not wearing my glasses.

There were four of us in town who were missing from the photo shoot if I remember right. (One was Sally/Sara, who was busy having her baby… a girl, Beatrice Noel. Congrats go out to Sally and family.) You can see we have a crowd of dancers! It is a fun crowd, indeed.