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Archive for August 1st, 2004

Marc’s Wedding

Sunday, August 1st, 2004

At the gallery we got instructions to the church and the casino/hotel. We had time to go check in at the hotel. We ran into my uncle Dayle (father of the groom) on the way in… I have not seen him in years. He looks so much like my father, it is spooky! My other uncle, O.T., talks and moves like Dad, but doesn’t look quite as much like him. I see O.T. much more often so I guess I’m used to that, a little more.

We brought our things in, and in the parking lot we ran into my cousin, Paula, and my cousin Marc (the one getting married) and Kateri (kah-Terry), his soon-to-be-wife. My cousin Marc has had some really hard times and it was just wonderful to see him smiling so much. Kateri just adores him and they seem so happy.

Marc has always been a fun-loving person who laughs a lot, even in hard times. He clearly adores Kateri. She told me a wonderful story which illustrates how much he cares about her… she said for the wedding, she had to find her makeup again. They have been dating about a year and every time she put on makeup he asked her “So what are you trying to cover up? You look great just the way you are.” Isn’t that sweet? Clearly they are really happy together and I’m just delighted for them.

The wedding was lovely. It was at a beautiful church with some pretty gardens just outside the door. The women in the wedding all wore their own best style, each dressed differently in things they might wear again. Her sister was Matron of Honor, and she wore a short sleeved blousy top with dress trousers. Her next bridesmaid wore a shorter dress and the third woman wore a long skirt to the floor with a matching sort of jacket of the flowing skirt fabric, over a dressy knit top. Mother of the bride wore a hot pink pantsuit with bright colored insets (my sort of woman) and mother of the groom, a traditional woman, wore a more traditional dress.

The guests were wearing anything from blue jeans and velvet top to black evening dress with rhinestones. I loved the variety. I grew up in a sort of conformist environment about events like this, but the main thing is to honor the couple. Everyone was polite at the right times and enthusiastic at the appropriate times, and loving all the time. So wear what makes you feel right, you know?

After the wedding we went to the reception where the cake was decorated with fruit… strawberries and blueberries instead of flowers or a plastic bride and groom. It was absolutely gorgeous!!! I wonder why I’ve never seen anything like that before, it made so much sense. Some of the strawberries were very juicy and there were places where the red juice sort of trickled down the side, but that seems a high class sort of problem, if you have strawberries that nice in July.

The band included a guitar player who was the brother of the bride. Also friends of the bride took turns singing, and the bride even sang one song. I first enjoyed dancing with the little ones (one little girl, the flower girl, kept twirling around and around in her froofy dress, it was adorable… and another little girl was wearing her dress-up jewelry and feathered shoes, in purple, for the occasion). Later I found myself dancing a lot with my mom, who is a prizewinning ballroom dancer, and also I danced quite a lot with my aunt Ann and my cousin, Dawn, who I feel very close to although they live in Minnesota so I don’t see them often.

Toward the end of the reception, they had a “lunch.” Mind you, we had already had a dinner, but Mom says in Minnesota when you have guests you often offer them what is called Lunch, which is typically sandwiches and sweets with coffee. The sweets in this case were cookies, and “bars.” My aunt Harriet, the mother of the Groom, is very big on being a good hostess, and she is a good cook. She obviously spent a lot of time baking cookies and bars.

Bars, by the way, are basically cookies baked in a pan and then cut into rectangles like brownies. These are found in Lansing but not considered their own artform. In Minnesota, bars are definitely an artform unto themselves. I remember that whenever we would go visit my Grandma Ruth (Dad’s mom) in Minnesota, she would be sure to have baked at least three kinds of bars. My mom was not one to feed us sweets, so this really stood out in my mind as a child. Grandma always had red Kool-Aid in a Tupperware pitcher, too, which was also a delicacy to my brother and I.

We had a wonderful time, and I’m so happy I saw my cousin Marc so very happy. I really like his wife as well, and I’ll hope to connect more with them over time.

Photos: The happy couple; wedding cake with fruit as decoration, two shots of children dancing, Mom and I dancing, my cousin Dawn (wearing my ColorJoy Stole) with Mom, tray of bars at the lunch.