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Archive for August 7th, 2004

More Catching Up, and Thanks

Saturday, August 7th, 2004

Well, Friday was a fun day. Regina, Barbara, Larry, Mom, Mom’s friend Barb, and Brian all came out to see me dance. There were also a good number of Habibi Dancers as spectators, as well. April brought little Isabel and Sally brought her very, very new baby whose name I think is Beatrice. Sally’s baby was born around July 14 if I remember right, so she slept through almost everything which was just fine for everyone. Isabel seemed as if she were dancing right along with us. She really enjoyed the shiny clothing!!!

Thanks to everyone who came out. And those who didn’t come, I understand there are a zillion things in a day you might want to do, including just relaxing at home. I get tired, though, of telling someone after I do something, that I had done it… and then of course they say they would have gone if only they knew! So I’m the queen of over-promotion, perhaps, but at least my friends can come out if they know in time (this one was short notice) and if they feel like doing so.

In other news… back to knitting! While Mom and I drove to the wedding, I sometimes knit in the car. When I did, I was working on this lovely and much-belated ColorJoy stole for Heritage Spinning in Lake Orion. I had received a box of yarn in late April, from Joan Sheridan Hoover at Heritage, full of gorgeous choices for this stole.

It took me a while to decide what combination of these yarns to use, and then I ran out of some ribbon, so Joan sent me some more. Now I’m plugging away at it again (got distracted by a publication deadline and some dyeiing). This thing is going to be breathtakingly beautiful! It has rainbow colors throughout (thanks to some Squiggle and some multicolor Fizz eyelash) but is primarily hot fuschia with a bit of teal and purple for variety. Very nice, and very very LynnH!