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Archive for August 8th, 2004

Photos of Aladdin’s

Sunday, August 8th, 2004

Brian took some excellent photos of the scene at New Aladdin’s restaurant on Friday, and he is sharing them with us today. Thank you, Brian.

First and foremost, is my friend April and her delightful baby, Isabel. Isabel loved the shiny clothing and the music while we were performing. Her little feet just kept on dancing right along with us, and she smiled a lot. What a sweet baby she is.
Next, is me as Eudora, flirting with the camera as I dance with a cane. On a good day I balance the cane on my head, but Friday was not a good day for that… oh, well! It was fun to dance with it in other ways, and the other photos Brian got with me and the cane show that I looked good anyway, balance or no!
Next is Donna/Maya dancing with a veil. I don’t do much veilwork and maybe am a little afraid to try it in a restaurant, but it was a little slow because it is summer and she did a great job. Doesn’t she look pretty?
Next is a crowd shot. Maya is still dancing with her veil, my mom is at bottom left corner with her gorgeous hair. Somewhere in the blur is Sally/Sara’s very very new baby (born around July 14) whose name I believe is Beatrice… and yes, Sally holding the baby on her arm. I can’t tell, but I think that is Sally standing up behind Donna. It’s definitely Sally’s husband on the left of Donna’s left hand, at any rate. I love this shot, it sort of is the feel of the place on dance night, you know? Action, movement, and music everywhere.
Next is me dancing with my finger cymbals moving a mile a minute, and more movement behind me. I love playing these, not everyone does. I always figured it was the love of rhythm (I play bass, too, which is a rhythm instrument) that made me like it. They are hard to learn at first but I’m glad I got through that hard part, because they are so joyful!
The last photo is a pic of me smiling at the crowd. I was standing right next to a table with six friends/family members sitting at it. I was really enjoying myself. Lucky me, that Kristi/Hyjara could not dance at the last minute. I was a very happy girl to be able to substitute for her!!!