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Archive for August 9th, 2004

Thank you, Sharon P!

Monday, August 9th, 2004

LynnH by Sharon PMy friend, Sharon P., took a good picture of me when we were at Beaners a couple of weeks ago. I finally asked her if I could use that photo instead of the one I had (and didn’t like much) on my sidebar, the tiny little face welcoming people to my site. She said I could use it as I wished. What a nice friend she is! I really think this one looks like me more of the time than others.

I think I’ll probably need to lighten it up some or make it slightly bigger, but for now I’m just plain delighted to have the pic on my sidebar looking mostly like I look, most of the time.

Thanks, Sharon!

A Detour to Chicago

Monday, August 9th, 2004

Have you ever noticed, that we as humans are *NOT* in charge of our lives? We can do our part, do the footwork, get where we think we should go. But in the end, things change and things are not certain, and that is as it should be, like it or not.

In my case, I have been planning since November for a trip to Vermont with my beloved Goddaughter Sara. We were going to visit our friend, Elizabeth. However, things changed and we had to make new plans… so now instead of a week in Vermont, we will be taking a handful of days in the Windy City of Chicago.

I am very sorry to lose out on seeing Elizabeth. I’m not sorry to lose a long trip (Chicago is only 4 hours or less, Vermont is at least 12). And honestly, I adore big cities and have not been to one in about a year and a half (when Brian and I went to Toronto). I used to go to Chicago about every 6 weeks. I was very, very close to buying a condo apartment on Sheridan Road near where Lakeshore Drive ends… in 1991. Very very close. And if I had done it, I would have loved it and I never would have looked back. But for some reason I stayed here, and I met Brian and I am living happily ever after. Another unexpected life detour that is not a problem.

I’m taking the laptop to Chicago. I expect I will be able to get online at the numerous Starbucks coffee places there are out there. I may not be able to return emails but I will surely be able to surf and receive my emails anyway. I’m not a great fan of Starbucks, because I’m a tea snob and they only have flavored teas for non-tea-drinkers, in my biased opinion. However, they offer wireless surfing to customers… and my beloved Sara loves some sort of fruit concoction they have. So we’ll take advantage of that and I’ll deal with unremarkable tea.

I’ll do my best to get some good photos of my beloved windy city and my beloved Godchild. Poor Brian, he has to stay home alone. Except he’s starting to record a new solo album, so he’ll probably just dive headfirst into that and not even miss me. Well, not much.

Wish I knew *what* I was doing *when,* in Chicago. If any Chicago bloggers or blog readers are out there reading this, and want to get together in the next few days or so, write me an email with a phone number where you can be reached and maybe we can work it out. This trip is primarily for the kid… she goes to college in just a few more weeks… so too many detours are not particularly good, but one or two might work out. Let’s hope for the best!