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Archive for August 15th, 2004

Michigan Folk Festival

Sunday, August 15th, 2004

I helped my friend Altu with her food booth at the Michigan Folk Festival this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I was in the booth most of the time. Saturday I took one hour to go see the Afghani musicians and their incredible dancer. Sunday I took almost one hour to dance with the mideastern musicians, at least two of whom I’ve danced to before when they played for our Habibi Dancers spring concert two or three years ago. World class, they are! It was wonderful to dance to their music again.

Also, I did get out in time from the food booth, to do a little dancing at the dance tent before things closed up for good. Brian and I danced to the Zydeco band on Friday. I watched people dance to the French Canadian band once and on Saturday I watched the polka band get the crowd going, including doing the chicken dance. Too fun! The crowd was having a wonderful time.

On Sunday at the very end, the Zydeco band was playing again. I went to the dance tent where Altu was dancing with her niece, who is about 5 years old. This child and I met about 2 years ago at a wedding shower where most of the people were speaking their primary language which was not English. I found that even if I did not know the language, I could certainly dance and have a wonderful time at the party.

So I danced. And the children danced. And later, the adults also danced. This little girl kept watching me and finally I encouraged her to dance with me. We had a wonderful time! Now she calls me “My Dancing Lady” and we dance even when we run into each other at Altu’s restaurant, to whatever music happens to be playing at the time. We have such fun!!!

Brian joined us and we danced, mostly by making a chain of three, first Brian… then me and the little girl. Brian took a few pictures while we were dancing, by just holding up his camera as we danced. I like what he got!!!

The photos here are: crowd taken by Brian; Altu’s niece spinning around with me holding her hand, also by Brian; dancing crowd including we three dancing, by Brian; a blind man I see often in East Lansing, dancing enthusiastically… you should have seen him go wild… to the mideast ensemble (I took this photo and the rest which follow); a closer look at the mideastern band; folks dancing a Lebanese line dance called a debke… many of the dancers from the local restaurant called Woody’s Oasis; the polka band playing the chicken dance and an enthusiastic crowd dancing along; and two photos of the incredibly beautiful Afghani dancer. I could do an entire page of photos just of her! I took about 20 photos of her, and there was not one bad shot in the bunch, she was so beautiful.