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Archive for August 17th, 2004

Mom’s Party at Aladdin’s

Tuesday, August 17th, 2004

Well, it was a few days later than her actual birthday, but we had a party for Mom today. We celebrated her 70 years on this earth! Mom was not expected by the doctors to live, when she was born. She was a premature baby on the Iron Range of Minnesota. Fortunately, her mother, my Grandma Illa, had gone to college in Public Health and insisted that Mom would live. When the doctors allowed Mom to turn blue from cold, Grandma insisted that they release her from the hospital with her baby, or she was going to walk out without a release. They did release her, and she took Mom home.

Everyone in the community wanted to see this tiny 4 pound baby. Grandma wouldn’t let them near. In order for the two older siblings to hold Mom, they had to wear a mask over their face in case they might sneeze or otherwise transmit germs to her. Grandma kept Mom on top of the refrigerator where heat would rise and make it warmer for her. I sure am glad my Grandma knew that my Mom could make it and do well! Here she is, 70 years later and a prizewinning ballroom dancer among other things. I wanna be like my Mom when I grow up!!!

I gave mom a video of the Habibi Dancers annual concert we did in April when she was in Florida, and a pair of socks I knit with peasant/afterthought heels. The yarn came from Yarn for Ewe during my little sockyarn shopping spree a few months back. Eric and Diana gave Mom a book and a beautiful ColorJoy stole that Diana knit. Doesn’t Mom look great in it? You can see that the socks and the stole go great with what Mom wore today. That’s because they will look great with almost anything Mom owns. She likes blues and greens a lot, especially all together. She also wears other brights but they all look good with the blues and greens.

The meal was great at Aladdin’s as usual, and Ali, one of the owners, took this photo for us. (Left to right: Diana, Eric, Brian, Fred, Mom and I… my family and our partners… it was great that Brian could get free from work and join us at lunch like that.) Ali also gave us all a rice pudding on the house when he realized it was Mom’s 70th birthday. How sweet was that? They have *really* good rice pudding, too… the best I’ve had in Lansing.

We had a great time. It ended too soon.

Here are a few pictures of the party, and a close-up shot of the socks, which makes my 96th pair so far. The picture of mom first seeing the socks I knit, was taken by Diana, my sis-in-law. Ali took the group shot (although I did crop it and airbrush out the too-sunny window behind us). The others I took.