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Archive for August 23rd, 2004

Waaaay Tired!

Monday, August 23rd, 2004

Wow. I finally got home for a day with no to-do list and I really crashed. It is so wonderful to not have to stand up on my feet today! I fell asleep at 12:45 last night after I finally finished downloading my 1,935 email messages, on our 28.8 modem. (About 1,600 of those messages were junk mail, isn’t that a hassle?)

I finally woke up at 10:45, and still felt really tired, so took it easy reading a few emails and drinking some wonderful tea. I have been enjoying some Twinings English Breakfast tea today, and some Eden Kukicha roasted twig Japanese tea as well. Yum!!!

I had planned to hang out in the hammock today and knit my vest/shell from Sally Melville’s Purl Stitch book. Well, I couldn’t find my book. I wanted to knit my gauge swatch and didn’t even know what gauge I was supposed to be aiming for. I finally found it after Brian got home from work, about 8pm. Why I didn’t go out in the hammock anyway, I don’t know, but I did rest with my feet up on the couch and the front door open. Maybe I’m just tired of being out in the great outdoors or something.

What I did instead of swatch, was eat breakfast and read through my emails, and then take a nap. I slept from 2:30 to 4:45. That is almost embarrassing! I really was over-tired from all my recent travels. I finally feel better.

I did feel awake enough to go outside and water my beloved flowers and veggies/herbs. Some of them really missed me, some didn’t notice I was gone. That’s life. I’ll definitely notice which did fine, at least in cool weather in August, so I can try those again next year. I’m gone a lot every August, it seems, and this is the real test of my plants.

You know what? I realized that I had been gone from my home for 2/3 of my time in August. I’ve had 17 days where I couldn’t be home, either from 3 overnight trips, the Folk Festival (where I helped Altu all day for 3 days) and two full day-trips for my work. In the same time, I’ve had only 8 days home. I’m so happy to be back!

I am already reaching out to friends in town, some of whom I’ve not seen in weeks and weeks. I’m re-establishing my roots here in Lansing, I guess. Today was about slowing down and remembering the art of relationship and friendship. It looks like I’ll be having tea with Sharon P of Knitknacks tomorrow, and I had a nice long chat by phone with my friend Ulyana, who has also been out of town a lot this month.

Toe-Up Sock Class, Anybody?
I’m teaching a toe-up sock class at Foster Center starting this Thursday. It looks like I may have three students, does anyone else want to join us? You can call Foster Center at 517/483-4233 between 8:30am and 8pm to register. It’s $33 for people in the City of Lansing limits, and $49 for non-residents. Time is 6pm to 8:30pm for 3 Thursdays starting August 26. With such a small class, folks will get really good individual attention. I’d love to have you join me!

Photos today– Entrance to Allegan County Fairgrounds… love that chicken! Flowers at fairgrounds behind the animal barn. Historical village on fairgrounds. My purchases at the Festival: 75% Mohair/ 25% Romney electric purple roving (it’s more ultramarine blue than shown here, very intense), raspberry variegated superwash merino roving from Bonkers!, a natural colored skein for dyeing, eyelash yarn called Coconut, in caribbean colors, rainbow flag-type yarn called Flora, handwoven checkbook cover from Central America. Not pictured are 1lb of natural alpaca/wool blend roving for dyeing, and a couple of jars of dye powder. There were so many temptations, I did well considering… but this feels like a big splurge. I’m looking forward to spinning the rovings, in particular.