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Archive for August 26th, 2004

Allegan, Part 3 (The Final Chapter)

Thursday, August 26th, 2004

Saturday and Sunday I did not have any classes to teach so I set out to meet people and see what goodies were for sale. I also spent time learning some things about knitting from Annie… learned some things she includes in her lace and increase/decrease classes, which she explains very well… learned how to knit with wire and beads because she gifted me with a kit for a beaded wire necklace.

I didn’t finish the necklace until I got home (that was one thing I actually did accomplish on Monday, perhaps the only thing) but her booklet and materials were just the trick to learn both beads and wire in one fell swoop. She was very thoughtful, and gave me what she felt was her most colorful kit. I think she succeeded. The wire is cobalt blue and the beads are all sorts of brights. I think this will be a great necklace to wear when I’m dancing in a more folkloric costume.

I made my way around the festival and talked to so many people. I saw Joan Sheridan Hoover of Heritage Spinning, and also her colleagues Jo and Chrystal. I talked to the lovely ladies at Ellen’s Half-Pint Farm, who I had met the year before. I found Kim from The Yarn Garden in Charlotte, and her friend/helper Melanie. I spoke with Traci Bunkers of “Bonkers!,” first briefly and then on Sunday in depth, which was very enjoyable. I also visited the booth of In Sheep’s Clothing, the store in Marshall, where my friend Sue was last year. She has gone on to other things (forensic archaeology in London for 6 months if I remember right) but I did run into her on Sunday and she looks great.

But the coolest thing was meeting people who read this weblog. There were so many I am sure I’ll forget some (I did not take notes and I should have). It was so cool… I’d just be looking at some bit of wool or some beautiful yarn, and someone would come up and ask me if I was LynnH! Sure enough I was… and the story was always the same. They read this column right here and they were able to recognize me.

You know, I have a goal of writing 28 columns a month. I get fewer than one comment a day, but my web service says I am currently getting almost 900 requests for pages on my fiber website every day. So I know there are a few of you out there reading this, even if you don’t write to me. It was extremely wonderful to meet some of you this week!!! Thank you ever so much for stopping to say hello. It meant a lot to me.

The names that I’m remembering right now are Laurie (Lori?) Knupka(?), Tonya (Tanya?) from Cadillac, and Carey from Alma. There were at least 5 of you, so I’m forgetting 2 names already and I’m so sorry! Please write me and remind me so I won’t forget very long.

Another cool surprise was when Deb came up to me and said, how do we know each other? Well… she figured it out. She was my assistant manager when I took a holiday job at Casual Corner back in… get this… 1987. How did she remember that? Now she doesn’t live in the Lansing area anymore, even. She and her husband, Bob, raise Llamas. This world is getting smaller every day, isn’t it???

I had a great time. I bought two more copies of Annie’s book (on her life and Combination Knitting). I need one for me, because I’m knitting combination when I knit flat stockinette pieces… and one for a student who instinctively started knitting this way. I got to know Annie. I got to talk to some great people. I got to teach some great people and encourage their creativitiy. (I got to dodge a skunk early one morning on a restroom run, but I am trying to forget that part.) I got to listen to some music, touch some wool, buy some lovely things, make new friends, and have as much fun as I’ve had in a very long time. I hope to repeat the fun again next year.

Photos: Beaded wire necklace I knit from a kit I got as a gift from Annie Modesitt. Two felted sculptures on display, created by schoolchildren. Signs of fall in the air, on the way back home… leaves turning due to cold snap, apples on the trees turning red, and wildflowers in front of a ripening field.