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Archive for August 27th, 2004

Real Summer, and Performances

Friday, August 27th, 2004

Aaah, the joys of summer. It is hot and sticky here. It has promised to rain but none has actually come down since Wednesday. I love hot summer weather, although I do not work as quickly when it is this warm.

Wednesday, I stopped in at ThreadBear to prepare for my ColorJoy Stole class (date to be announced). I ran into several folks I knew, some from other parts of my life. Very cool. I picked out the yarns for the sample stole they will have in the shop for my class, and thankfully I don’t have to knit it. That is good for my schedule, and also it is good that one more person will check out the clarity of my pattern. The more eyes that see the pattern, the better it will get!

When I was at ThreadBear, Delores mentioned that she had purchased a wonderful bushel of peaches at VanHouten produce on South Cedar, not too far from my house. I made a quck call to my friend Ulyana, who loves to cook, and we determined to split a bushel. When I got home, my dance friend April was home so I gave her a dozen from my batch (half a bushel is a LOT of peaches for two people if you are not planning to can or freeze them). I have been eating these nonstop since I got them. I just love Michigan peaches more than any other fruit. When they are just picked, and picked close by enough to transport when they are juicy, they are better than any other fruit.

I like fresh raspberries, too, but often at the store they are not in good shape. When I lived in Williamston, I had a huge red raspberry patch. The people who bought my house mowed them down, and I was heartbroken, but it wasn’t my land anymore. I felt so rich having all those berries all summer!!!

Thursday I had to work at Foster Center from 1:30pm to 9pm. I got so cold my hands needed to thaw out, because of the air conditioning. The building has only had air conditioning for about three summers now. I preferred open windows and fans, personally, but I know I am in the minority. I know I would like it better if they just used it to take the moisture out of the air, but they cool it down to something like 65F when in the winter we heat to 72F. It makes no sense!!! What a waste of resources. I do know that the building is old, and making the airflow work properly is hard. I need to give them the benefit of the doubt.

That night I also started a new class teaching Toe-Up Socks, at Foster Center. I had three students, a fun and cozy number. I finally met Betsy, who I met online through the Freecycle list this spring. She has been donating canvas bags to my knitting program for the kids. It was great to meet her!

Then at night, also Thursday, it was just a little too warm in our upstairs bedroom to get a good night’s sleep. We could have put the air conditioner on, but the room is so tiny that even when the small unit is on the lowest setting, I wake up from the cold. We tend to use it when the heat and humidity are health-threatening. Just the same, this afternoon I ended up taking a long nap on the couch. We have the window open in the bedroom, since it’s cooler outside right now, so that hopefully the room will cool off enough to sleep better tonight.

It’s odd, because the peaches and the turning colors of the leaves remind me that the heat will be gone before I know it. We had almost no summer weather this year. Today it was 89F at our house but that may be the first time it has been that hot. I’m already sad for the cold weather and it has not even arrived yet! Silly me. I’ll be warm enough on Sunday, dancing all day.

That reminds me… Brian and I are performing as The Fabulous Heftones at Altus Ethiopian Cuisine tomorrow night, 6:30-8:30pm, at 1312 Michigan Avenue next to The Dollar, between Harrison Roadhouse and Frandor.

And Sunday I am going to the Michigan Renaissance Festival with Habibi Dancers, to perform all day. We usually have about 3 shows plus a parade and what they call “the smoker” which is one of our dancers performing alone for a pay-to-enter venue on the festival grounds. I leave my house at 7:45am and get home around dark. It’s a Loooong day. I’ll be there next Saturday as well, during the Labor Day weekend.

It would be lovely to see any of you at these performances. Of course, if you prefer to put your feet up in the hammock on your porch, or weed your garden, or something else, I understand. But just in case my performances might be just your cup of tea, you now have the information.