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Archive for August 29th, 2004

Another Good Time at Altu’s

Sunday, August 29th, 2004

Well, Saturday night at Altus was again a great time! My mother, bless her soul, must have invited every person she knew. By the time they all got there, her friends and their friends, she had filled two booths and a small table with ten people!

Carl and his date came, with a list of requests since they clearly listen to our CD’s. Carl works with Brian, and he got a pre-release copy of Brian’s almost finished solo CD entitled “Everybody’s Doin’ It,” so he requested a number or two from that as well.

Brian’s bosses, Stan Werbin and Sandy Dykins of Elderly Instruments, came… Stan has been just the most wonderful supporter of our act, since the very beginning… he was the one who convinced us to go to Midwest Ukefest last October. It was wonderful to have them there.

And last but definitely not least… Rob and Matt of Threadbear Fiberarts came out to hear us. So often when I see them, there is a crowd of knitters and we are all distracting one another. In this case, they sat in a corner right next to our stage and I could sing directly to them at times. At one moment, I had an inner chuckle while singing… they got out their knitting and somehow their yarns got tangled between them. It was pretty entertaining while they straightened all that out. But how delightful to see them take a few minutes off from their new space, and enjoy the food and music at Altu’s. They clearly enjoyed both!

It is always a delight to play for a room full of friends. Of course, the applause is deeply authentic when the crowd is so full of people who love us, and we really had a wonderful time.

Our next dates at Altus are October 9 with Abbott Brothers band, and November 13 again with The Fabulous Heftones.