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Archive for August 30th, 2004

The Close of Summer, Already?

Monday, August 30th, 2004

Wow, it is clear that we are at the end of summer. My schedule screams it… Sunday this past weekend I danced at Renaissance Festival, a late-summer/early fall activity. Next weekend is Labor Day weekend (I’ll be dancing again at Ren Fest on Saturday). Then the week after is Brian’s favorite weekend all year, Wheatland Music Festival in Remus, Michigan (just west of Mt. Pleasant, where my Godchildren go to Central Michigan University).

Wheatland always marks the end of summer. But where did it go this year? We have had spring rains for months. The allergist says that the mold count is staying at levels common in May, it hasn’t let down yet. We had so many mosquitos in the spring that I didn’t get much time in the hammock as I typically do… that is my holy space, in many ways, and I have had precious little time there. Summer got so busy, as it often does… business slows down, so I have to move faster to make a living, althugh it is fun work. And now the trees are changing colors and the local peaches are in the marketplace. I did have peaches for breakfast today but I need to use up the remaining fruit quickly as some are starting to turn bad already. That’s what happens with truly ripe fruit, you don’t get long to use it!

The week after Wheatland, we are going the Ukulele Expo in the Pocanos of Pennsylvania. This one is sponsored by the Ukulele Hall of Fame Museum. We have chatted with these fine folks (the folks who run the Museum, which as yet is online only) in emails, but it will be fun to meet them in person. And a weekend of ukulele folks, well, they are just fun people. Sort of a “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” crowd in the best way. Love it!

Special Announcement!
The week after the Ukefest, on Saturday, September 25, we will have a very special musical event! We will be be performing with Mystic Shake, a fine local band with the theme “Rhythmic Fun,” in an intimate house concert setting. The event is called Music Under the Pines, because the setting is just beautiful. We hope for good weather so we can perform outdoors, but we do have an alternate indoor spot onsite in case of rain.

The concert has such limited seating that we will be taking reservations. You need only ask for an invitation, but we need to know how many chairs we need to rustle up for the event! Once you ask for the invitation you will be given directions to the location, which is a private home rather than a public space.

We are looking forward to this event. Brian has performed with Mystic Shake on occasion, and is on one of their CDs as well. These guys seem to be many places we are… Ben and Pat also perform as Blue Jello, a duo act that sings at Altus. Dick Johnson works with Brian at Elderly Instruments. Dick Rosemont lives near my mother’s home and his wife, Jane, is a fabulous artist in town who I run into sometimes at artful events. Ben and his wife Barb often come to our Fabulous Heftones performances, and we seem to see them at every music event we attend.

Lansing is a nice town this way, it seems artful people make a very nice and comfortable small community within a community. I think a concert with Mystic Shake and The Fabulous Heftones makes so much sense! I’m excited. More information will surely follow as the date gets closer, but if you want an invitation send me an email at Lynn AT purpletree DOT com and I’ll send you what you need to find the venue.

Photos today: folks dressed in costume at Renaissance Festival, the Turtle Race games at Ren Fest, Mystic Shake: Top row, Pat Malloy, Dick Johnson; Bottom row, Dick Rosemont, Ben Hassenger.