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Archive for September 1st, 2004

A Surprising Day

Wednesday, September 1st, 2004

I had quite a day. For one thing, I’m fighting the second day of a massive allergy headache, probably brought about by my full day outside at Renaissance Festival last Sunday. The good news there is that I won’t be going back to Ren Fest on Saturday as I’d expected. I can’t say I’m disappointed. I seem to get sick every time I go, no matter how enjoyable the audiences are.

So… I took today easier than I had planned originally. As I left the house, I noticed that the morning glory flowers my friend Ulyana had given me, were blooming. One is white with fuschia, and then there is this one, a purple-blue with stripes of purple-pink.

Then I took Altu’s daughter out to lunch (she starts school next week) which was delightful. After I dropped her off at home, I decided to go over to ThreadBear yarn shop because I’d started scheduling my classes for them last week and never finished up the job.

While I was there, Sarah of And She Knits came in and recognized me. We’ve chatted by email but have missed one another at guild events so far. It was great to see her.

Also Angie from my knitting machine class at Yarn for Ewe last fall, came in and said hello. And Nancy, who had run into me at JoAnn Fabrics when I worked there, and sent me a really great baby sweater pattern I still really want to try out.

And then a woman walked in who I didn’t know, wearing a beautifully knit sweater. She introduced herself as Natalie. I asked: “Natalie from Detroit?” She said yes. Natalie has designed a good number of things out there for public consumption, including at least a few on Knitty. She currently has a sweater of her design, on the front cover of Knitters Magazine. How exciting that must be for her! She had brought in a really lovely little capelet with bead dangle trim (so hard to describe, I wonder what she would say) which got rave reviews. I left without saying goodbye to her (she was in the back of the shop, I did say goodbye to those near the front door) probably because this crazy headache kept me from being full-speed.

In any case, here’s a pic of Natalie and Rob. Matt was in the photo originally, but he didn’t like how he looked so I cropped him out. I need Matt to stay my friend, you know???

Well, then I went home. And as I walked in, the phone rang. It was my dear friend Sigrid, who I met in high school. That means we’ve known each other about 30 years. She has lived in Oregon for perhaps 20 years now. She is one of those people that, it seems no matter how long we haven’t talked, we can pick right up as if nothing had changed. I had lost her address for a few years so this was particularly wonderful to hear from her. And she was in town, and could see me if I could get free today.

So I dropped everything and met her at Aladdin’s for an hour. It was far too short, but it was so wonderful to see her again! We had not seen each other since I met Brian about 8 years ago, because I’d lost her address. Thank goodness I just ran into her sister about a month ago at the corner Quality Dairy store! It was great to see her again. I didn’t want to stop hugging her!

We asked the waitress to take a picture of us. The waitress, someone new who I don’t know, seemed a bit nervous about the camera, and so she took only one shot. For some reason Sigrid is not smiling in this shot, but here’s the only picture I have of my very special friend who loves me.

Here’s how great she has been to me… after I got divorced (in 1991) I decided to go on a trip, first to California to visit a few people I knew, and then I chose to fly up to Oregon to see Sigrid and her hubby Ron. She treated me like royalty… she had me sleep in her bed and she fed me organic oatmeal for breakfast every day. Then a year or so later, I was really sick one night and it was around midnight in Michigan. I was so uncomfortable I was very upset being alone, so I called my then-beau and he got upset that I had awakened him. So I realized that Sigrid was in a different time zone, and I called her, and I basically cried into her ear because I was in pain and alone, and she just listened. I will never forget that.

We both chose partners, in our youth, who were not good for us. She learned sooner than I did. And now we are both happy, and we’re both musicians, and we have so much in common. I knit, she crochets. We both have done Polymer Clay.

I don’t know how I can beat this story. I got to see my friend after 8 years of thinking I’d lost her. What else can a woman want? Headache or no headache, I had a wonderful day.