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Archive for September 3rd, 2004

Lots of Little Exciting Bits

Friday, September 3rd, 2004

Intrigue Sox, copyright Lynn DT Hershberger 2004 Wow, all sorts of fun little (and not-so-little) bits today.

Lorie Writes
Lorie Konopka wrote to me in my comments. Thanks for taking the time to write, Lorie! I had mentioned her as one who recognized me in the crowds of Allegan. She reads my column every day (for which she gets many virtual hugs) and she knew me just from the pictures I post here. We had a nice time talking at Allegan. I’m really embarrassed that I spelled her name totally wrong, but she could tell I remembered her and I guess that made her happy enough. Thanks so much, Lorie, for being a loyal reader. It means the world to me.

Intrigue Sox Debut!
Another not-so-little bit: The preview page (scroll down, I’m the 4th design) for the new issue of Heels and Toes Gazette is up! This shows my new design, Intrigue Sox… a Turkish-looking sock, the style looks really Turkish but it’s knit top down. And the color changes look harder than they are… I used a solid cobalt blue for the main yarn, with a self-striping yarn which has wide stripes, for the second yarn. (I got both skeins at Yarn for Ewe.)

It was odd this time, because I graphed out the patterns on black and white paper and gave it to Wendy, my knitter… and I had no idea how the finished sock would really look, until she gave me the finished sample back. It was kind of wonderful how the stripes just happened to change at what seem perfect places, even though she didn’t try to control the striping at all. Great job, Wendy!

Extra, Extra, Read All about It!
And another bit: The new newsletter for Yarn for Ewe is up! I’m honored and delighted to do the web work for Marlene Osborn, the owner of this shop. She is very good to me, as are her employees… the most notable of which may be Ruth, who was the one who sold me my first double pointed needles, sock pattern and yarn for my very first pair of socks, about three and a half years ago. And my life has never been the same! Do check out their new classes.

I’m Teaching Soon at Threabear
Last bit: I’m going to be teaching for ThreadBear, as I’ve mentioned here before. I thought that would be starting in January, but no… my first class will be how to knit tams (sometimes erroneously called berets) in any yarn or gauge, September 14 and 16. You all know I wear hats nearly every day… I’ve knit a good handful of these, and each has its own personality. Contact Rob to register, at Rob AT threadbearfiberarts DOT com

A Digression
Am I disloyal by working for two yarn shops in Greater Lansing? Not at all. I work for Marlene in Okemos (Yarn for Ewe), Rob and Matt on the far West Side of Lansing (ThreadBear), Arlene in Chelsea (A Gathering Basket), Kim in Charlotte (Yarn Garden) and Joan in Lake Orion (Heritage Spinning and Weaving). I’m loyal to the Knitting Community as a whole. I feel that the more we love knitting, the more we need each and every yarn shop there is! Each store has its own personality, it’s own style, it’s own strengths, its history and its charm. I love each and every one of these stores, and stores where I don’t teach (yet).

I spend bits of my precious income at all of these shops, helping them stay here for all of us. We all need to make a living, and I personally want to do that by spreading the particular joy I have for knitting, either by teaching wherever and whenever I can, or by taking classes and/or buying yarn at as many yarn shops as I can find! I live a pretty simple life, so that I can work as a creative person rather than in an office. I don’t have many luxuries. Food and yarn are the two splurges I take. I urge us all to share and share alike, being loyal to the knitting business as a whole, and having wonderful adventures at all the stores we can find, one at a time.