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Archive for September 5th, 2004


Sunday, September 5th, 2004

Today it was in the mid-80’s F. I love this sort of weather, warm enough to know it is summer! Unfortunately, I ended up most of the day in air-conditioned places, but right now it’s still warm and I’m at home drinking in the last bit of the season.

I did get on the hammock a tiny bit yesterday but not today. I had some work to do today, and as any good self-employed person knows, paying work is wonderful on any day, weekend or holiday or not!

At least in between the work I did (for a friend, so that part was pleasant) I did some knitting, and Brian and I met for dinner at Emil’s Italian restaurant. That was very nice. I like their food, we go there enough that the waitstaff knows us, and it’s a relaxing place. And a little date with one’s sweetie is a great way to start winding down the day. In Lansing, a lot of restaurants close at 5pm on Sundays, but Emil’s is open until 11pm so we go there on Sunday more often than not (and they have an all-you-can-eat pasta special on Sundays, though I rarely get seconds).

Today I want to focus a while on the great outdoors. My favorite thing about being outside is looking at gardens. My mom has these nasturtium flowers she planted right near her driveway. Actually, she got the seeds from a friend of hers (I got my seeds last year from Marlene Cameron because I’d never tried Nasturtiums before). Mom’s took a while to get going but they sure are beautiful now! My nasturtiums this year are sparse although they do keep flowering. I think Mom’s do well from having the ivy keeping the moisture in the ground… I needed a mulch or groundcover for mine and didn’t do that, and they suffered.

The second picture is three doors down from our house. This woman has amazing gardens, both flowers and food. I don’t remember this hybiscus plant on that corner when I moved here to be with Brian about 8 years ago. I only remember seeing flowers maybe the last few years, but the bush is taller than me and the flowers are nearly a foot across.

I can’t remember ever seeing these in Michigan before! In fact, they remind me of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula where they grow wild all over. I remember when I went to Texas, they had all sorts of huge flowers. However, here the outdoor beauty tends to be more small and delicate. What’s great about this bush is that it is at a somewhat busy four-way stop, so a lot of people get to see it and smile every day.