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Archive for September 6th, 2004

Toe-Up Sock Class at Foster Center

Monday, September 6th, 2004

I’ve been so full of news and photographs that I have been remiss in talking about my current knitting class at Foster Center. I have three ladies in my Toe-Up Socks class. Betsy is a young woman I actually met online, through the Mid-Michigan Freecycle Network . She has been donating canvas bags to the kids at Foster Center for a while now (she goes to lots of trade shows, where every vendor seems to give them out free, as advertising). However, we never seemed to meet. She would leave the bags on her porch and I’d go pick them up.

But somehow while we got talking via email about the kids knitting, she asked if I were teaching adults as well. She especially wanted to learn socknitting. Well, I think I’m a good one for that subject, don’t you think??? So when my toe-up class came up, I wrote her to see if she wanted to take the class.

Betsy and her friend, Erin, decided to sign up for it. It turns out Erin was a horticulture student of Art Cameron at MSU (my friend Marlene’s husband) so it’s a very small town indeed! With one more student, Amity, who found me through the booklet that Lansing Parks and Recreation puts out, we had enough students for a class!

We started two weeks ago on Thursday night. They learned how to start a toe and increase to the right diameter, then they spent the week knitting to where they needed to start a heel. We did a heel flap and a heel turn this last week, and I showed them how to decrease for a gusset. They will decrease their gussets this week and knit whatever cuff they prefer (the pattern I’m using calls for fat yarn and a rolled cuff, to make a slipper-sock, but they can do whatever they like best).

Next week we will discuss the binding off of a toe-up sock, which is really important so that the sock will go on over the heel. Binding off can be a very inelastic thing, and there are some tricks we can use to make it more flexible.

I am really enjoying this group. I love teaching sooooo much!!! (Here is a picture of Amity and Betsy, very focused while turning their heels last week.)