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Archive for September 9th, 2004

Great Food & Continuing Yarn Preparation

Thursday, September 9th, 2004

ExoticHere is a picture of where I ate dinner on Tuesday, on the way to the Borders Arborland knitting group. It’s called Exotic Cuisine and Bakery, and it is Syrian (mideastern) food. Yum! Big, huge Yum!

They are on Plymouth Road in Ann Arbor, just west of the Islamic Center maybe a half a mile, if that. They are not too far west from the Knit-A-Round shop. I half wish they were in Lansing, and I half am glad they are not because I’d eat there a lot and quality has a price. Oh, my goodness, the food was good as it always is!

I like Makmoor best of all, a rich eggplant and tomato stew. I also got a lentil and pasta dish that was very flavorful, just brimming with all sorts of flavors… lemon and garlic at the very least. I also got a green bean with tomato dish, which was very different than the Makmoor, perhaps a little more “fresh” and light… less cooked down even though both were based on tomato flavor. That one also had lots of garlic, but cooked so that it was not overpowering.

Then I went to the great and wonderful Borders gathering at Arborland. And I got home past midnight and didn’t regret it at all, even though I still had work to do with my yarns. Those people are so wonderful, they just feed me. There are so many folks I want to talk with I get a bit confused.

I don’t love crowds, you know that (I like people one on one… or in tiny groups, if I get my way), but I deal with it sometimes to be around groups of other knitters. In two weeks I’ll be seeing my local Lansing guild again at our first formal meeting all year. That is similar… something like 30-50 people and I get overwhelmed knowing who to talk with next. Worth it, but exhausting!

Wednesday I did paperwork and computer work and I wound a bunch of yarn into small skeins (I had dyed in skeins over 1000 yards long, about a pound each). I will have larger quantities of yarns this time, and they are ever so lovely re-skeined off the larger skeins. I’m in love. It’s so good when you make something and it’s all said and done, and it’s at least as good as you imagined it might be.

Cyndy wrote and said she’s waiting for the yarns to make their first appearance. I have one more repeat customer waiting in the wings as well. You guys are the greatest!!!

Time to sleep so I can do more yarn prep. on Thursday. I know this is my Thursday post, but I’m posting it verrrry early in the wee hours of Thursday so I can spend time away from the computer tomorrow.

I’ll be in touch, I promise.