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Archive for September 10th, 2004

More Good Food, Sock Class & Giving it Up

Friday, September 10th, 2004

What a busy day Thursday was! (It’s always busy, really, since We are going to be quite distracted the next several days (you may not see me back online until Sunday afternoon) and so I tried to do everything possible today. It didn’t work!!!

I did get to go see a computer client today, someone I’ve worked with on and off for maybe a dozen years but mostly off lately. We really like one another, and it’s a shame we haven’t been able to say hello much this year. However, that visit (it was work, I’m not complaining) meant I was busy until afternoon had already begun.

The great part about that, was that the client is in Old Town and that means I had to go past the City Market on the way home. What a great excuse to visit Magda of Seif Foods! I had an incredible chicken in honey mustard sauce on cous-cous with vegetables. Wow, it was wonderful. What a great week I’ve had in the food department!!! (And actually, Brian took me to Altu’s for dinner at the end of the day so I just had it made, for sure.)

After lunch I came home and dug out a few rosebushes. We have these wild climbing old-fashioned roses with the tiny flowers in bunches. They grow everywhere, wild, by the roots. We have so many, and some are actually growing up in the grass which can be painful when I’m walking barefoot! So when someone on the Freecycle list asked for climbing plants for the fence at her new house, I figured it was my time to give rather than receive on Freecycle. So today I dug out five or six small bushes for this person. I hope they grow well for her!

But my day did not end there… Altu called me and asked to go to coffee. I had about a half hour so I met her at Frandor Panera’s… I got a tea and she got some sort of iced coffee thing with whipped cream (sort of a surprise, since she tends to love her black hot coffee when we go to Beaners). We sat outside and chatted as long as we possibly could, and then I went to work at Foster Center. How convenient that Panera’s is so close to Frandor. I don’t normally go there but it was the perfect location today, especially with the outdoor tables.

At Foster I had 13 kids who came in after school for computer lab, and one former computer student/retiree who had some questions because she is actually using her new computer quite a lot. That was great to talk with her.

Just as lab was wrapping up, a girl I call KK (from CityKidz Knit! program last year) stopped by to ask for a small ball of purple yarn to make a wristband for a friend. It was wonderful to see her again. She has grown several inches over the summer and is smiling from ear to ear. That made my day, to see this child!

THEN at 6pm I went to the room next door to the computer lab, and I taught the final session of the toe-up sock class. Except that one student was ill and couldn’t make it, and another had already told me she would be gone this last week… and so Amity and I had a private lesson. It worked out great.

She had actually finished her husband’s sock (I have got to hand it to her, she had a lot more knitting to do for his foot than I do for Brian) and so we discussed several possible options for socks she might make in the future. Then she asked some great questions. She wanted to know how to knit a basketweave so I showed her how I had done the sock she was admiring with the basketweave on it. Then she was interested in cables, so I showed her how to do that. She did a little swatch, and did a great job. What fun that was! Cables are sort of magic, once you figure them out.

We talked about working in ends on a sock (knots are an uncomfortable option so we did other methods) and several methods of binding off for toe up sox. Since I bind off tightly most of the time, I need to worry about this. She bound off her normal way (with a crochet hook to make it a little looser) and it fit well when her husband tried it on. For someone with hard-to-fit-feet, I know from personal experience, it’s a treat to have socks that fit so well!

Congrats to Amity on the sock well done! Check out her sock here, plus her cable/basketweave swatch. (I believe her sockyarn was Reggio, which I’m pretty sure she got at Yarn for Ewe in Okemos. I surely loved my striped version of this yarn, and I bet her hubby will love his socks.)

Oh… and the Giving it Up part of the title today? There is no way I’m going to get my new handpainted yarn website together for you to see it until Monday at the very earliest. I have had good things that have taken me from the studio (primarily the computer work, for which I’m grateful) and that means a delay. So sorry, for those of you who are waiting.