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Archive for September 14th, 2004

Monday Night Music Scene

Tuesday, September 14th, 2004

Monday night, Brian and I did a whirlwind tour of the Lansing Music Scene. We had a blast!

First, we went to Mac’s Bar, and we saw our friends Drew, Steve and Pat (and two other guys we met that night) play as The Saltines. I ran into a few folks in the audience I’d met before, actually 4 people who I’d met in 4 different places. It wasn’t really crowded (it was early for a bar, and a Monday night) but it was a familiar crowd, for us.

THEN we hopped a few blocks down the street to The Green Door, where our friends in Steppin’ in It have a regular gig. We got there just as they were finishing up a set. The next set, however, was a real treat… they stepped aside for a group of folks playing a type of Klezmer music… danceable, modern music with generations-old Jewish roots. Our friend Drew had run down the street at the same time we did, to play the one set with this band… then he apparently ran back to Mac’s and finished his night there.

I tell you, this Klezmer band was amazing. One guy played trombone and saxophone. Our friend Tamineh (formerly of Pub Domain and The Weepers, currently in The Troublesome Lasses) played fiddle as only she can. There was a drummer, and a bass player and Drew on electric guitar and perhaps lap steel. It was intense, and they were together like glue. It was wonderful.

The next set was Steppin’ in It again. More amazing stuff. These guys know how to make a party. The place was so full we could not sit down! There were mostly younger folks than us (I’m 45, perhaps they were mostly 20’s and 30’s) and again we knew a few folks but not as many as at Mac’s. Most of the people we knew at The Door were folks who work with Brian at Elderly Instruments.

Wowie! What an intense and wonderful musical night we had. We danced like crazy. We don’t dance any particular type of dance, but we really enjoy moving to the music and being together. I can’t imagine a more enjoyable date!

I sure can’t do that very often… I usually work nights and I’ll be teaching a computer class for the next 10 weeks on Mondays… and the smoke, although not really bad, was not great for my health. But I kept saying to myself… “and this is in Lansing!” I was so pleased. This town has come a long way. Top notch stuff right in my neighborhood… I could have walked to both these bars from my old house, or from Foster Center. My kinda town!!!

Photos: The Saltines at Macs – Drew at left, seated, Pat in back on drums, Steve hiding behind his bass, and two front guys in white shirts whose names I’ve unfortunately forgotten already; Klezmer band – Trombonist I didn’t meet, Tamineh, drummer who I don’t know but who apparently started up the band, bass player I don’t know, Drew on guitar; Steppin’ in It – Andy, Joe, drummer I haven’t met, Dominic and Josh.