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Archive for November 4th, 2004

Wrapping it up at Midwest Ukefest

Thursday, November 4th, 2004

After the Saturday show, we talked with many wonderful people at the theatre until we had to leave. We then found our way to the pub to have a grand jam session(photographs for that were posted a few days ago). It was great fun and we stayed until they kicked us out at closing time.

Some folks went to a church in the morning and played Ukulele for the service. I thought that sounded cool, but we opted to sleep instead. We then connected with a good-sized group at Shapiro’s deli for brunch, around 12:30.

Shapiro’s is clearly an institution in Indy. We knew the name of the place but not where it was… and so when we went downtown to the main traffic circle to find a bank machine, the family we asked had some teenaged girls who got very excited indeed when we said where we were going. The mom gave us good directions on how to get there, and we found it in no time.

This place is big by Lansing standards, and was pretty full when we got there. It actually reminded me of a place I ate in the Boston area years ago, and a little bit like a place in Chicago I went to 20 years ago, but nothing like anything even remotely near Lansing. We have Zingerman’s deli (which is a top-notch establishment in all ways) but it is not in the same genre as these sort of cafeteria-style delis. They are strong on their food offerings and the number of choices, but sort of bare-bones on decor. And people come back because of the food, which is the right reason to return.

We got to sit near the other two folks from Lansing, from Elderly Instruments where Brian works. We also sat near Elyse (sp?) and Kip, who were great fun and who told us how to get around Indy and in particular how to find an internet cafe with free access. We talked a good long time, and then some music just had to happen. Some of the kids in the Key Strummers requested that Brian play “I Love Me,” one of his most popular novelty numbers (he has two solo vocal CD’s which are heavy on the novelty tunes, but this weekend we stuck for the most part to more romantic numbers). They swarmed around him to hear every word.

Then Geoff got out his ukulele and a few others joined him over at our table for a short while before we all needed to call it a show. It was hard to let go of it all, it was such great fun.

But even though we were done with Midwest Ukefest, we were not done with Indianapolis. We found our way to Corner Coffee at 11th and Alabama, as recommended by Kip. We really loved it. We both sat down and I was able to download my email for the first time all weekend (the ethernet connection in the hotel had not worked with my computer but the wireless connection worked just fine at the cafe). We got talking to some of the folks there, who were talking Halloween a bit and they asked us where we were from. We told them we were there for Ukefest and they asked if we could play a tune. Brian had his uke with him (my bass was buried under a lot of luggage in the car at that point) and so we sang harmony together on “What Do We Do on a Dew, Dew, Dewy Day?” It was great fun and they enjoyed it, plus it gave us more to chat about while we were waiting for more emails to download.

At that point we were on our way home. We did make some stops here and there on the way home but our big journey to Midwest Ukefest 2004 was over. It was a grand journey, indeed!

Photos: The line at Shapiro’s Deli; our table at the deli; food we got… Brian’s reuben and my boiled cabbage, fresh pineapple and tea; Brian singing I Love Me to the kids; Corner Coffee; architecturally interesting housing across from Corner Coffee.