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Archive for November 5th, 2004

I’m Here

Friday, November 5th, 2004

I haven’t forgotten you. I have had some very difficult days with my computer and the Internet. It started just before we left for Ukefest, and then starting before noon yesterday I could not get email for 36 hours. We still can not figure out why (the best guess is that there may have been static on the phone line, since it has been raining, but that doesn’t explain why I couldn’t download mail at a wireless connecting spot last night).

Today it unexpectedly just started working fine again, as if nothing had gone wrong in the first place. I’m very clear that I am not in charge, not in this life! At least not in charge of the Internet.

I’ve had some very busy days since we returned from Midwest Ukefest… many classes, many students, several locations. It’s a lot of fun, but it can keep me from my computer and desk. I have photos on my camera, and no time to process them.

It’s funny how I asked at 4 different shops last year, looking for places to teach knitting. Nobody wanted my time. Now I am so busy, I pray for classes to cancel sometimes. It is a high-class problem.

It is bedtime. I’ll write again soon, I promise.

(Photos are two shots I took over a week ago in downtown Lansing. One is Reutter park, which once had a glorious fountain but still has beautiful trees. The other is a shot of the Capitol building from several blocks south. I used to live 8 blocks north, and had the mirror view of this photo if I stood on the sidewalk in front of my house. By the way, we have had a lot of rain so most of the pretty leaves are on the ground today. It was beautiful while it lasted.)