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Archive for November 9th, 2004

Pillow Class

Tuesday, November 9th, 2004

I had a pleasant pillow class at Threadbear. We had a very small class, just two students and me, but I am very glad I decided to go ahead with it. One student, Petra, has taken my rug class and we have chatted a good deal. I love her company and she loves mine… a sort of mutual-admiration society.

The second student, Mary, I had not met before. However, she reads this weblog (hi, Mary!) and wanted to meet me. I’m so glad she signed up.

The pattern I chose for this class was a Michelle Wyman pattern, knit in either garter or seed stitch from the corner, knit on the diagonal. It’s a really nice design, where you can add stripes or not, do one yarn or several, and you don’t need to know your gauge before you start. Gotta love that!!!

My sample was done in Lorna’s Laces fisherman wool, handpainted in sort of garden colors. Mary chose the same yarn but in beautiful variations of blues and related colors.

I did the back of my pillow first, and did it only in the wool yarn. I found it slightly boring because the colors were not quite as bright as I would prefer for myself (this pillow will become the property of Threadbear, so I chose colors others would like rather than my signature colors).

So… for the front of the pillow, I used Crystal Palace Fizz with the base yarn for the stripes as indicated by Michelle Wyman. She had something like 10 garter ridges in one yarn and then 3 ridges a second yarn, but I just added the Fizz to make it look like another yarn. Mary liked the look of texture, so she also chose a Fizz that was multicolored and it really worked great with her base yarn. Love it.

Now I’m knitting a pillow that is just for me, to keep. It’s Cascade Quattro (like 220 but the four plies are each a different color). It is in a sort of dark bluish-green with a taupe and soft green and gray. This yarn is absolutely gorgeous in garter stitch. (The prominent color in my yarn is the same as the dark green here in the pillow underneath Mary’s project.)

The yarn calls for a sweater-sized needle for a sort of drapey gauge (I think size 8) but I went down to a size 5 to get a nice firm, resilient fabric. I’m covering this green rectangular travel pillow, in preparation for an upcoming trip. It looks good so far. I finished the front piece and part of the back. I try to knit it in public but it requires increasing on every other row and so I often mess up and have to rip out. I am enjoying it, anyway. I’ll show you a photo when I have it finished.