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Archive for November 10th, 2004

CityKidz Knit!

Wednesday, November 10th, 2004

Those of you who have followed this weblog for a while, know that during the school year I teach children to knit at Foster Community Center. This term has been sort of disappointing because it started pretty late in the fall. The kids just are not getting as many weeks with me as they will next term. I’m doing my best with what time I do have.

Here are two photos taken of the children with their projects, in the last two weeks. Whenever I wonder if I’m doing something that makes any difference… trying to work with kids a mere one hour a week (I have one group on Wednesday and another smaller group on Thursday, but both groups get only an hour… I just have to look at these photos to know the answer. Aren’t they beautiful? Just look at them smile! Look at them glow with pride!

We had many finished wristbands in the last few weeks. I wish I were sure the kids could knit without me, but in more than half of the cases this is not true. Yet a few of them take off and run with it. In the first photo here, the girl in front left with the variegated yarn, had just started that project when she got to class that day. In one hour, she knit the wristband and sewed it into a tube, and took it home. I am very happy when this sort of thing happens, as I can not expect it.

I learned to knit when I was in 5th grade. Most of these kids are younger than that. I did not do much with knitting until I was over 40. You never know what seeds you are planting, and how they will come to fruition. I do know that even if they don’t choose to knit again, I have treated them well and they got a little piece of my loving attention. I think that works, don’t you? (Just look at those faces!)