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Archive for November 14th, 2004

Impossible to Catch Up

Sunday, November 14th, 2004

I just can’t fill you in on all the great things that have happened to me in the time since I have been back from Midwest Ukefest. I have taught a Pillow class and a ColorJoy Stole class (at Threadbear), and a Basketweave Rug class (at Yarn Garden). I have taught CityKidz Knit! I have taught a few computer classes to adults, and had two singing performances with Brian as The Fabulous Heftones.

I also have spent time with my friend Tony, two different days… one day having lunch and then going yarn shopping, and one day going to Spinners Flock guild in Chelsea an hour away. I just finished the mostly-alpaca stole for my friend who needs a hug, and am nearly finished with my own pillow that I get to keep. I haven’t knit a stitch on any sock in weeks, but I have promised my Goddaughter Sara that she will get some footies for her birthday which gives me about a week to get those going (I have started her pair three times but this third time looks promising).

I have spent a lot of time with my friend Altu in the last two weeks as well, which is wonderful for me. Just this weekend Brian and I performed at her restaurant, and we filled the restaurant, mostly with friends and family (Sharon P of Knitknacks, and Regina from Working Women Artists, were both there, as were my Mom and Brian’s parents). I love playing there!

Sunday I went to Working Women Artists, and there was a nice crowd there, all ages and a few new faces. That was great.

I have taken a ton of photographs since Halloween but I haven’t had time to sit and process them properly. I’m hoping I will at least get to show you pics of my knitting classes when I get a minute. For now, at least, you are a little bit updated.

We had three days in a row when it was almost impossible to stay connected to the Internet. We connect with a modem (dial-up) and we were lucky to stay online for more than 3 minutes before disconnecting. For some reason, last night it fixed itself. I suspect the phone lines, since we have two internet providers that both were acting this way. We even had two different computers trying to connect, and we had two different phone lines, all acting grumpy. I’m happy to have my connection back, for now anyway.

I’m happy, really… just very busy away from my desk. It is a high-class problem to be busy with work and other tasks I love. I’m not complaining, just explaining my relative absence. Pictures soon, I hope.