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Archive for November 15th, 2004

November ColorJoy Stole Class

Monday, November 15th, 2004

Just over a week ago (November 7) I taught a ColorJoy Stole class at Threadbear. I think there can’t be a more wonderful class to teach! Folks learn about color, yarn texture/structure, how to put dissimilar yarns together in pleasing ways, and how to fix mistakes in their knitting (an inevitable thing when you are working with “froofy” yarns).

I was honored and delighted that five students drove 4 hours (one way) to come to my class, and they were driving home that night. A one-day marathon from Ohio to Michigan and Back! I was so pleased to have them with me.

There were also two local folks in the class… Pat, who reads this blog but who I had not met before (now I realize she knows my dance friend Donna/Maya and my mother’s friend Lillian); and Irene who I’ve known ever since I picked up my knitting again almost 4 years ago.

Irene is a very accomplished sweater knitter, and it was extra-great to have her in my class. This was a sort of knitting she hadn’t done much of but she had some funky yarns and wanted to use them. We found a way to use them and her stole really took shape quickly. Hers is the first photo, in teal/turquoise/purple, which shows that she got an amazing amount of knitting done considering how much non-knitting content there is in this class. Isn’t her combination glorious?

I seem to have only six photographs of folks’ yarn choices. I know one woman did a second stole in mostly blacks, grays and whites, for her daughter, and I did not get a photo of that. But either I miscounted my students or I missed taking a photograph that I should have taken. Pooh! I get so wrapped up in explaining that I miss obvious things.

Yesterday (November 14), I taught a Basketweave Rug class at Yarn Garden. I did get photos but have not downloaded them from my camera. I’m catching up, though… slowly but steadily. I’ll get those up as well, when I can spare more time for photo editing.