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Archive for November 23rd, 2004

Random Catching-Up Items

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004

Oh, there is so much wrapping-up to do these days, before my big trip. Here are a few random photos from my last week or so.

The first photo is a few of my CityKidz Knit! participants, from last week. This week was the last session until January. I started with 16 kids and it filtered down to less than 10 who kept coming back… today I had four total, three of whom were actually signed up.

However, one little girl has been asking me to knit since summer. She is officially too young, because she is 6 and the program requires age 7 or older. However, today I had such a small group (I’m sure it was because of the holiday) that I let her join us. She took to it very well, really. She didn’t last the whole hour because the friend she came with, left the room for another distraction and she had to go find her friend. I’m encouraged, though. I think she will be back. She is a regular at the center, and always comes to computer lab on Thursdays. I will hope for her to return in January.

The next photo is the “portable hug” I made for my dear friend who lives out of my state. I wish I could go visit with her, but it is just too far to make that feasible. Therefore, I did the next best thing. This stole has more animal fiber in it than any other I have knit. It has several alpaca yarns, a llama/wool blend, a silk/wool blend, some soft wools and three different eyelash yarns (all synthetic) for a little glamour and color. I’m very happy with the end result. I sent it to her Tuesday. I hope she is home for the Thanksgiving weekend, to receive it! I can’t seem to catch her by phone.

By the way, two of the yarns I used in this stole were sent to me by Cyndy, a regular reader of this blog. The Dazzlelash added a little gold spark to the stole, with it’s long, sweepy lashes. And the Crystal Palace Fizz in cobalt blue really rounded out the colors very well, and kept the stole as warm as an eyelash can.

The last photo is something I rarely do anymore… rubber stamping. A friend did me a very, very large favor. I spent far too long trying to think what I could possibly say in a thank you card that would mean anything close to what I wanted to say. Some things don’t have words, you know?

So I got out the rubber stamps. A picture paints a thousand words, right? I found a dancing girl looking pensive, and a teapot in the shape of an aladdin’s lamp. Some waves that could double as steam, and two palm tree stamps.

Most times if I stamp these days, I use stamps I carved myself. So working with commercial stamps was oddly freeing this time. The only stamp here that I did myself is the waves/steam stamp. Everything else is commercial. Most of the stamps I actually got from Susan Hensel when she moved to Minnesota from Michigan.

So I made the dancing girl look like she was coming out of the lamp, like a genie. And I said something like “you created magic for me” inside. Dorky but at least I got the card done that way, and to my friend who really deserved acknowledgement of his help that I appreciated so much.

I’m glad I did this. It freed me from the stuck place I had been in, needing the perfect card. I just grabbed some stamps, most of which I’d never used before, and stamped away as freely as I could. On the envelope I also tried out a flamingo stamp from Sue that I had not tried yet. And then I used clear embossing powder to make a raised surface where I’d stamped color. It turned out pretty well for a free-form job, I think. And now my friend has been officially thanked for a good job.