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Archive for February 6th, 2005

Knitting Away, & Tinisha’s First Sock Ever!

Sunday, February 6th, 2005

I have a nasty headache today, so I’m going to share fewer words than usual. (The singing festival yesterday was a true experience of community, in all ways… loved running into so many people I value in my life. I’ll share a photo of that, another day.)

But my Sunday knit class (out of town) cancelled, and so I worked at home today. I am trying to catch up on all my store samples so that I can sell some classes. People just won’t sign up for a class if they can not see a finished project. I’m not sure I blame them, but it is quite a task for someone who keeps offering new and different classes, to knit all those samples for all the shops (I offer knitting classes at 5 yarn shops and one Community Ed program). Crazymaking!

I’m doing my Noro Kureyon felted bag and the colors are wonderful. I had planned to use two skeins of one colorway and one of another, but I lost one of the duplicate balls, so I had to buy a third colorway. It may make the bag even more beautiful, I think.

I thought I’d shrink/full the bag tonight but I am still working on the decreases. Tomorrow I don’t teach until 3:30 so maybe I can finish it then. Crossing fingers on that.

Photo today is Tinisha’s first sock ever! (Tinisha is a High School student I know through the daughter of a friend, and she is crazy nuts like me about knitting… in a good way of course… I love her energy.) The sock in real life is a little more orange and a little less pink than this, but we’re in the ballpark.

This sock is so well-done, the stitches so even and firm, I know she is beaming with pride. She says it is not perfect, and it is true that small bits of it are not done exactly as a pattern might be written. However, I say it is shaped like a sock, it fits, and it is perfect! Her gauge is significantly more even than mine, and this sock will probably last forever at the excellent firm gauge she used.

The next one will no doubt be even more perfect than this, but this one is definitely a prize and she can be justifiably proud. You go, Grrrl! Fantastic Job!