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Archive for February 7th, 2005

Much to Do, Much Accomplished

Monday, February 7th, 2005

I don’t know about the rest of you, but these days I could just sleep forever. I get so tired, hours earlier than I’m accustomed to going to bed. Yet when I go to sleep, I don’t seem to sleep longer even when I can. It’s sort of frustrating, because in the previous 45 or so years of my life I could sleep in easily.

That said, I had to get up early today (for me) and make it to my first appointment in the late morning. After that it was a whirlwind of one approintment after another (at least one errand was pleasant, because I got to see Altu and her cousin for a short while). Then I taught two classes in Haslett and luckily was able to pick up excellent food at the new Aladdin’s restaurant near the Meridian Mall. But I got home, we ate, I did a tiny bit of knitting and we rehearsed The Fabulous Heftones. And I’m so wiped out I can barely keep my eyes open. I swear that at this time of year, our bodies try to hibernate or something!!! You’d swear I was a squirrel or bear instead of a human being.

The good news is that while I was making my lunch, I also finished and felted/fulled my new three-colorway Noro bag. It is just plain lovely. I am still working on the handles but you will see a photo of this beauty very soon. I already have yarn for one I will get to keep (someday, after it goes through several rounds of being a shop model).

Photo today is Jim Hall and Cindy Morgan (they perform as Hall and Morgan, including some gigs for Altu’s restaurant). This shot was taken at their workshop at the Mid-Winter Singing Festival last Saturday. The workshop was about songs with the subject of orphans. Well, at least the lady next to me and I wept. It was so sad, and I just kept remembering the children on the streets in Africa, begging for food.

Tears or not, the workshop was very good and the songs were high quality. And the people… well, the people in that space were as top-notch real people as it gets. I was glad to be there.