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Archive for February 26th, 2005

Gratitude, Again

Saturday, February 26th, 2005

Today I’m full of gratitude. The sun is shining, my feet are finally warm (it has been humid here and no matter how warm the inside of the house, they have been cold). And I am teaching knitting today.

I love my job. I love teaching people how wonderful knitting can be, showing them new wonderful yarns, stretching them, explaining things they never saw before. Today’s class is supposedly about how to knit a basketweave rug. However, it really is a great lesson in what a knit stitch looks like and what a purl stitch looks like, and how to count rows, how to tell if you are on the “right” side of the fabric, things we can ignore in other projects. It’s not a hard project, I’ve had knitters join me who had only made garter stitch scarves before… and they came away delighted with their new skills and new project (Hi, Carol!).

Teaching is a high. Today I think I have 5 students, which is a wonderful class size… enough to get a lot of energy going and not so many that they have to wait for my attention to their questions. I’m really looking forward to my class.

Photos today are my sample for the new Dressy Wrap for Prom/Special Occasions class I’ll be teaching at Threadbear on Saturday, March 26. (Late update: I did finally update my Classes Page with these two class offerings, page changed late evening on Saturday.)

First photo is the stole as it looked the first night after knitting like mad… second is the yarns I chose for it, just three very special yarns that work perfectly together. I have knit a lot more since I took these pictures but I can’t take the time before my class to edit new photos. I’ll be back with more, just wait!