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Archive for April 5th, 2005

Gorgeous Spring, Dinner with Eric

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

Yesterday I saw my own mini-daffodils blooming. Two of them, they are beautiful. The weather is unbelievable here right now. Sunshine, slight breeze, no need for even a windbreaker at least while the sun shine. I’m in love with life today!

Late last night, this morning and early afternoon I worked on a new pattern… well, actually, I’m changing some class handouts into a real pattern format. Somehow when I started adding photos to the instructions around noon today, the Microsoft Word file corrupted. It thought the pattern was something like 9,000 pages! Ack! Fortunately, I’m a stickler for making backup copies of everything, every single night while I sleep.

Therefore, I’m back to where I was when I went to bed last night, other than having edited ten how-to photographs. (It is a toe-up pattern for new toe-up socknitters, and I want them to succeed. The best way I know to help knitters when I can not be with them, is to give a lot of photographs of the most unusual parts of the process.) So I just will have to re-start on that pattern tonight when I get home.

Because… right now it’s time to drive to Ann Arbor! Today I have dinner with my brother, Eric. I adore him, he’s my best friend. We do not get much time together any more, and I will savor every minute. He can not stay long but I’ll enjoy him while I can.

Then I go to Borders’ Books in Arborland (Ann Arbor, Michigan) for a knit in. I’ve missed the last 3 times this group has come together. I miss them. I’m happy to go back.

Pictures of daffodils tomorrow.