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Archive for April 8th, 2005

Spring Dance Show, Spring Flowers, Spring Break

Friday, April 8th, 2005

DancersHere are the long-delayed spring inspirations!

DancerFirst, I’d be remiss if I did not mention that the Habibi Dancers Show is surely the first harbinger of spring activities, at least in my book. I took these two small photos at rehearsal on Wednesday. This is only the tip of the iceberg… wonderful dances inspired by many cultures, beautiful costumes, wonderful music. Don’t miss it. Hannah Center Auditorium, Saturday, 8pm show, East Lansing.

Second… Here are photos of the daffodils in my yard. First, the two I mentioned two days ago. You can see that the only green in the photo is the daffodil itself. In fact, on Sunday as we drove to our concert in Ann Arbor, I noticed that the grass was not green… it was sort of hinting it wanted to become green but it was still the color of straw as far as the eye could see.

DaffodilsSo the next photo here shows how far we have come in four days. This second flower shot is my side yard. Not only is the grass green, but we are just bursting with healthy and happy wild violets. You can see some daffodils on the far left, next to the house, just before the flamingos. We had two really warm and sunny days in a row and they just popped! Even though today was cooler, the flowers were not deterred at all. It was wonderful!

Violets in YardThird, here is a group of my CityKidz Knit! children. It is spring break this week, so I got a few back who have not knit with me in a while. It was great to have them back. The girl at right is holding some new yarn that was donated from a person on one of my email lists, just this week. The color was electric and my girl was thrilled!!! Notice I had three boys and two girls. One boy spent the time casting on and taking the stitches off the needle, then casting on again. The girl at left just learned to knit again recently and was going to town on a wristband.

The girl at right I’ve had for four years now. Her grandma taught her to crochet, so she first crocheted a little and then started a project with knitting and the wild yarns. The other two boys have the same grandma and they decided to crochet today as well. They have a toddler in their life so wanted to make blankets. I am not sure if they will ever finish, but it’s not my job to discourage them (I have tons of yarn, it’s needles I’m constantly short on). So they started crocheted blankets, the two of them. Why not?

CityKidz Knit!In my own knitting news, I bound off the purple Garden Capelet today. I need to string it with its ribbon tie and deliver it to Little Red Schoolhouse. I may wait until Monday so I can show the piece to Kim at Yarn Garden when I’m there on Sunday.

Of course, I feel practically on vacation to have that done. I’ve worked on that far too long somehow. So I didn’t go back to any unfinished projects… of course not. I’m swatching like a crazy girl. I’m playing with some crochet, not sure if that will go anywhere.

However, I finished a K2P2 swatch of a yarn called Kelly, a tube/I-Cord of cotton/acrylic which has a subtle color change in it, mostly a soft raspberry. I measured gauge before blocking by hand, after blocking by hand, then I washed it in the regular laundry and measured again. It looks nice laundered, but definitely has a shorter row measurement. I’m thinking of a tank top, don’t faint. I even have a pattern that works with the gauge I got, the first time out. Woohoo! I’ll take a picture of the swatch another day.

But for now I’m working on things for my Sunday Watercolor Bag class at Yarn Garden in Charlotte, Michigan, and my Monday Toe-Up sock class at Little Red Schoolhouse.

The bag which I am making for myself (I hope), I started with a very bold blue-turquoise solid color. It looked good with the first skein of Kureyon but not the second. So when I got to the end I thought I wanted an aqua, like a color in all 3 skeins. Rob of Threadbear gave me a ball of Cascade 220 in the color I thought I wanted, from stash, and I was sure that would be the right choice. Nope. It’s too pastel, and the bag is bold. So I knit 8 rounds of 144 stitches and I will take that out. It’s worth it, to like the bag better.

So I went back today to Threadbear, and my friend Luann and Rob and I worked at finding the right thing. Rob found it, of course. It’s a sort of darker turqoise/teal on the blue side but not as blue as the first yarn and not quite as green as the second. I think it will be just the thing. So now I’m off to re-knit the border four rows, graft them on the bag, and then knit the bottom of the bag in preparation for my Sunday class. I want to have it ready for me to demo how to complete the bottom of the bag.

That’s all. Nothing new in Lake Wobegon, right? Quiet week and all that. Well, quieter than some times, not as quiet as others. And if it’s too quiet I get bored. But I sure am happy to have that purple capelet done. It’s gorgeous, but I just somehow didn’t enjoy the yarns I picked, thinking they would be easy and fun to work with. Live and learn.