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Archive for April 26th, 2005

Socks, Socks, Socks!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Socks knit by Tony FToday is all about socks. Tony’s socks, Linda’s Socks, my socks. Why not? Socks are what got me back into knitting after over a decade of putting the needles up in the attic.

Monday, when Tony and I went to lunch at the asian restaurant, he showed me a pair he’s been working on for a long while. Tony has to knit a lot more stitches to finish a pair for himself than I do, which must be a drag. These are from a Lorna’s Laces sportweight yarn, I believe. Nice job, Tony!

Tuesday, I sat in two different waiting rooms for a total of 45 minutes or so, then I took myself to lunch and knit while waiting for my meal. I finished the pair of toe-up socks I started for my class at Little Red Schoolhouse. They are Reggio (not Regia) which I got at that shop. I love this yarn. It’s cushy, cushy, cushy. I knit these on needles a little too big for a dense fabric but decided to just go ahead with them. If they wear out early, I know how to darn socks just fine.

Toe Up sox knit by LynnHI am not much of a stripe fan, and the garish look of asymmetrical and unmatching high-contrast stripes just was not turning out to my taste. I realized that if I wore them with the purl bumps out, I liked how the stripes blended colors at the edges. It’s a softer look and I like it much better.

A bonus with this look is that when the bumps are out, the sock is even more comfy, an issue when knitting at a larger-than-ideal gauge. I did have to go back and do a rib at the top rather than a rolled edge, because it would roll toward the knit side, not the reverse-stockinette/purl side, and that would just plain look backward if I wore it that way.

I must confess, I’m still half inclined to overdye these, perhaps with turquoise, to unify the colors a bit. I am not a fan of pink and red together. But for now I’ll wear them this way, and see how much it bugs me in a month.

Socks knit by Linda L of Little Red SchoolhouseYou do see the chains on the sides of the heel flap prominently with this way of wearing them. I didn’t plan to wear them this way when I picked up stitches for the gusset, or I might have picked up the stitches differently. In the end, I’m reasonably happy with the look of the socks and very happy with the fit/comfort. I’m sure I’ll wear them out!

I stopped by at Little Red Schoolhouse Tuesday night. Linda gave me a few hints on my crochet edge for my tank top, which I really, really appreciate. I’m hoping I can try that again soon. It may be Thursday, given all the promises I’m making to clients/yarn shops right now, and the classes I’m preparing for. However, her little session with me makes me feel more confident that I can make it look significantly better than I had it going on the first try. Thanks, Linda!!!

Linda had just finished a beautiful sock in Mountain Colors Bearfoot yarn. I convinced her to let me take a photo of her sock while I was there. Nice job, huh? This pattern looks absolutely beautiful in this handpainted yarn. She says it’s easy to knit, too. The color of this photo is a little too light and pinkish. Really, it’s this nice sort of combination of rusts and navy, very nice but hard to get in a photograph.

Fast Florida Footie by LynnHAnd the last sock of the day is a tiny infant-sized socklet I knit last night so that Threadbear would have a sample now that they are carrying the Fast Florida Footies pattern. I didn’t have many hours but I had most of an hour so I decided to make the tiny one. And it’s so adorable, don’t you think? Makes you want to knit tiny things all the time.

By the way, friends… I’m teaching this Fast Florida Footies class this upcoming Sunday, at Little Red Schoolhouse. The timeframe is 1pm to 4pm. Since it’s a top down footie, we can cover all the essential parts of the pattern in that short time. If you want to do baby socks you can finish a pair in that time. If you do a pair for yourself, you’ll finish part of one sock but have all you need to finish it at home.

The FFFootie pattern in 8 Sizes is included in the cost of the class, which is $25 plus yarn, and this yarn is very reasonable. You can contact Linda at 517/321-6701 if you would like to register. This footie is wildly popular, to my delight. It’s a fast knit in very fun Cascade Fixation cotton/lycra yarn. Please join us.