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Archive for April 30th, 2005

I’m a Pattern Factory

Saturday, April 30th, 2005

Whew! I just am crazy-busy creating patterns these days, and delivering patterns to shops and individuals. The demand just keeps snowballing. I’m very grateful.

I am so amazed. I never started out to design patterns. I just make things up on my needles, and then people want to make what I created.

Now I know better, and I keep notes most times when I make up new things. My first patterns took easily over 40 hours to create, although I am getting a bit better at it now. It can be scary, trying to make sure there are no mistakes before it goes out. It took me a while to admit I’d intentionally design again!

That said, I’m very close to finishing my Cozy Corner Teapot Warmer (tea cosy) and even closer to ready for making Bags to Go! available for purchase. I’m cranking samples like crazy… my needles are hot! I am testing the pattern and taking photos to support unusual techniques I use. That means very little time for blogging. Thanks for your patience while I get through this push.

I have great photos from my Polymer class last Sunday at Threadbear. Unfortunately they were partly edited when my PC crashed the other day and I haven’t had time to do the editing again.

Therefore, right now you get a photo of a magnificent gate outside the Egyptian National Museum in Cairo (where the King Tut exhibit is housed). This is from the inside courtyard looking out, at sunset.

Such an odd place that is! The treasures are so amazing, but the way they are displayed for the most part is haphazard. Many things are not labeled at all, and some have handwritten loose notes in Arabic. Only in the very popular Tut and royal mummy exhibits were there labels like those I’ve grown to expect at museums in the US and Canada.

I was glad to be there under any circumstances, haphazard or not. I took this photo the week of Christmas, 2004.