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Archive for July 8th, 2005

A Nearly Perfect Day

Friday, July 8th, 2005

What a great day it was. I did get up too early, after a night of making polymer clay buttons and a whistle. That was fun but I was up too late!!! No problem, I went to Mom’s and we drove down to see Eric. We met at Zingerman’s deli again, this time to celebrate Eric’s birthday a day late.

The sun shone but was not too hot. The sky was full of fluffy clouds. The neighborhood near Zingermans was just full of beautiful gardens, as usual. Zingermans’ garden was wonderful, and since they have added a canopy we prefer sitting outside in the garden to eat. Lovely.

We must have sang Happy Birthday three or four times in all, but we all enjoyed it each time so no harm done. We talked and talked and talked, for about three hours. We ate and sipped good tea and had dessert. We enjoyed the outdoors and one another. And then Eric went to work and we drove home.

After I got home, I took a wonderful nap in my favorite spot, the hammock on the porch. Even after the nap I sat there and read until it got too dark to read. Such a luxury! As much as I talk about the hammock, say I’ll go out there, plan to go out there… I don’t get out there much. This is the first time I’ve spent more than a half hour out there all season. Aaaaahhhhh….

Later, Brian and I had dinner and then played music together on our instruments, rehearsing some songs we know almost well enough to perform. That was also great.

And now I’m wrapping up things. I downloaded a trial version of Knitable, which is a knitting program for a PDA (palm device). I don’t have any interest in taking time to enter the inventory levels of my needles, yarn, books and patterns, but I like the conversion feature (metric to US, for instance) and the decrease/increase calculator feature.

The increase feature I tried twice (preparing to knit my Tagliatelli shrug) but once it seemed just right and the next one (almost no increasing over a long stretch) it returned very odd results. I’ll have to do some manual math to see if that second one makes sense. One line was repeated twice and I think that is a bug rather than true directions, but maybe it really doesn’t increase in 38 rows (it said 19 but said it twice.) We’ll see.

I finished a pair of wristwarmers today in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran (purchased at Yarn Garden), a gift. I need to work in ends for those and the baby blanket so I can cross them off the list.

I’m off to bed, I teach Fast Florida Footies Saturday morning at Yarn Garden and Darn those Socks! at Threadbear on Sunday afternoon.

The only thing imperfect about this day is that it must end. I guess there is nothing to complain about, then. Is there?

Photos: Eric, Mom, Zingermans’ Garden, Ann Arbor street/garden. Mom and Eric looked so good and happy and relaxed, I just had to take close up portraits this time. Notice what Mom is wearing? The apple does not fall far from the tree, I’d say!