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Archive for July 9th, 2005

Footies Class and Fun Music at Altu’s

Saturday, July 9th, 2005

Blue Jello Plus OneSaturday I taught at Yarn Garden. I did Fast Florida Footies… for one woman who had never done socks and one who had done one form of toe-up socks, one time. We had a very pleasant day.

I have half of a footie in hot green finished, in my size. I can not tell you how many of these footies I have knit, but they all seem to become gifts or store samples. Maybe this time I will be able to keep one pair for myself? That would be fun, though really I’m such a wool fanatic that I am OK if I use Fixation (cotton/lycra) yarn for tank tops rather than socks most of the time.

When Brian got home from work, we went to Altu’s restaurant for dinner. Blue Jello was playing tonight (Ben and Pat, two of the guys from Mystic Shake). They are fun guys who are cranking out the songs lately. They are in a really creative, songwriting time, and it is fun to hear their new pieces.

At one point they asked Brian to sit in and play Mandolin with them. Here’s a photo of Brian, Ben and Pat… at my favorite Saturday night haunt, Altu’s Ethiopian Cuisine!

Sunday I will teach my new class, Darn Those Socks! at Threadbear. This all happened because I was at the store one day and a customer asked me to schedule a class on darning. I was excited to do it!

I love darning socks, I find it very relaxing. It also makes me feel clever to fix my knits! I have one pair (worsted weight 100% wool, no nylon to help the wear and since they are fat and warm I wear them a lot in winter) which have been darned three times, in three different colors. I sort of like the mix and match look on the bottom of my foot! Nobody else can see it but me, but it makes me feel accomplished that I was able to fix my very-loved socks.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer weekend… those of you in summer, anyway!