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Archive for July 11th, 2005

Finishing, Darning

Monday, July 11th, 2005

darned socksI finished darning two balls of feet on a pair of sox I originally finished knitting for Brian on December 10, 2001. They were not all the way worn through but some places looked more like sewing thread than yarn.

There were a few places on one of the toes (dreaded ladders) that needed some reinforcing as well. But I did not spend even 2 hours totally rebuilding two socks, and now he will be able to wear them for another several years. That pleases me.

The repair does not show in shoes or sandals. It’s just a little secret between you, me, and Brian.

We both enjoy how these look repaired. I used yarn of the same striping style, but in a different colorway. The stripes are fatter since I didn’t have to take the yarn all the way around the foot. I think it is like a little greenish rainbow on the bottom of a grayish sock. Fun! By the way, the patches are odd-shaped because the wear patterns were also odd-shaped. I replaced only the stitches that needed replacing (including an edge stitch to anchor the patch to solid fabric). It looks a little like a map, doesn’t it?

In other finishing news, I do need to work ends in on the Cashmerino Aran wristwarmers that are a gift. I also made myself start in again on the cropped Fixation dance top I’m knitting. It’s on size 2 needles and it is impossible to know how it will look until it’s done. This stuff settles in and “shrinks” (except with the lycra it stretches out again) when it has been washed. It looks too big on the needles, but I’m hoping it will be fine after washing.

Sunday night I finished the last strap on this top. I connected the straps and tried it on, all 6 needles holding stitches in place. (Ack! Nervewracking!) I did so without poking myself once, yeah!

Given this preliminary try-on, it looks like it probably will fit although very differently than I’d imagined. However, the straps were inches too long! Good thing I tried it on before starting the neck band.

So, I ripped the straps back, connected them with three-needle bindoff, and tried it back on. Much better. Now I need to pick up stitches and knit arm bands and neck band. Then wash. Then determine if that was a waste of time or if it was fine. I’m ready to have that mystery behind me!

I’m also plugging away on that Fast Florida Footie I started in my class Saturday. It’s good away-from-home knitting. I did a lot on it Sunday waiting for our turn to perform music at a little potluck party for a friend.

Photo: Darned socks. These are my pair #23, from December 2001. Ready for a new life with reinforced sole. (This sort of darning can only be done easily if you catch the socks worn thin but not worn totally through with a hole. I typically darn a hole by weaving rather than duplicate stitch.)