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Archive for July 16th, 2005

Pair #119, Fast Florida Footies for Me!

Saturday, July 16th, 2005

Pair 119, Fast Florida Footies by LynnHWhile I was away from the keyboard, I knit a pair of Fast Florida Footies in a wild green color. Someone flipped about my cool yarn when I was knitting in public, so I gave her the ball band, thus I don’t know the color number.

These I intend to keep for myself. I have knit at least 5 pair and at least a half dozen baby FFFooties from this pattern, mostly in Fixation yarn. Never have I been able to keep a pair for me. They either are gifts, or they are destined for a yarn shop that (thankfully) carries my patterns. People would ask me about how this unusual yarn felt to wear, and I never could tell them! I knew how it felt to knit, but not to wear.

Now in one week’s time I’ve finished a dance top and a pair of footies, both from Cascade Fixation yarn. And both for me. The dance top is quite comfortable, really. It is a thick fabric right now in the 90F degree heat, but so is almost anything else I could wear. I like how the top feels when I wear it, though.

And now we will see how I like the cotton socks. I’m not a cotton fan, I can’t remember really loving much cotton other than brushed flannel and thin, drapey commercial knits (sometimes cotton/lycra). Woven cotton broadcloth (shirt fabric), in particular, does nothing for me. I don’t own a pair of blue jeans, though I have 2-3 pair of black jeans I wear very occasionally for camping and/or dyeing yarn in the studio.

I take that back… I do like that super-lightweight cotton used in the “broomstick” skirts often imported from India. Sometimes they are two layers thick to create some modesty, they are so transparent. I love that fabric, it moves so well, it’s very feminine without being prissy.

However, thicker cottons, woven or knit, can be very lumpy and unmoving. They can make me look like I’m wearing someone else’s clothing. And the only pair of mostly cotton (and acrylic) socks I ever made (my second pair) were too lumpy underfoot to be comfortable worn while standing up. At least for me.

Now I have my very own FFFooties. I’ll be interested to see how I like wearing Fixation on my feet. It *does* feel softer than a lot of other cotton yarns, and the lycra makes up for cotton’s lack of spring. There sure are a lot of folks out there wearing these socks, so I know they are favorites of many!