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Archive for July 21st, 2005

Helen’s Bedspread

Thursday, July 21st, 2005

Helen's bedspread held by Marti My computer student, Helen, is over 80 years young. She bounces when she walks, she smiles more than she doesn’t smile, she always has something interesting to say. And she’s a great knitter.

These days she’s lightening her load, and that means she has given me some wonderful pattern booklets (and many supplies for the kids at Foster Center). The coolest of them all had socks, ties, accessories (scarf/hat/mittens/gloves), and more socks. Argyles, cables, you name it. The copyright date was 1939, I adore the photographs especially i this one.

The ties are pretty wonderful as well (I’m planning to knit one of these fairly soon in red for a friend)… but the socks make me think I could stand to do a lot of purling just to have finished this artful style! Oh, the argyles and related styles are heaven to the eyes!

Helen's bedspread held by MartiSo last week, Helen brought in her bedspread. It is heavy! It’s a thick knit in pure 100% wool, which appears to be worsted weight. It was knit in strips but then sewn together, all in white. Then she did cross stitch in a lot of colors, to get the patterning you see here.

I think in the photo we have the motifs upside down, so I turned one the other way here in the detail photo.

The person holding up the bedspread is Marti. She is also in my computer class, but she first met me in knitting class at Threadbear. Right now Marti is about an inch or two from finishing her ColorJoy stole. I hope to have her stole photo here soon!