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Archive for July 29th, 2005

Chappy’s Cool Pool/Chutes & Ladders Socks!

Friday, July 29th, 2005

yarnI met Chappy two Bloomiefests ago. (If you click that link to this year’s Bloomiefest, that would be Chappy in the plaid shirt 2nd from right, unravelling a storebought sweater.) That means we met March of 2004, I guess. We both are chatty, passionate and focused quite heavily on our fiberart lives. We clicked.

Well, two years ago at Bloomiefest she bought some handpainted yarn from me, a base yarn I don’t usually offer but that I love. It’s worsted weight and washable. Well, she liked the first batch (it was white, purple and pink). So this year I just happened to have a few skeins of another colorway, in the same yarn. This year it was turquoise, blue and purple on silver, and I named the yarn Cool Pool.

Well, Chappy is in the Six-Socks Knitalong, and she made their Chutes and Ladders socks in my Cool Pool Yarn. Today she sent me a photo. Here you see a before (yarn) and after (socks) set of photos. I love them both!

Chappy has an Ebay store called Chappy’s Fiber Arts and Crafts, where she sells a lot of things related to handwork. A lot of her merchandise right now is cross stitch and other needlework that I don’t know well enough to describe properly.

Chappy's socksHowever, she also has several sets of these amazing sock blockers you see in her photo, with several motifs: cats, dogs, lightning bolts, acorns, who knows what all. And beaded stitch markers, and a few beaded knitted bags (I think they are kits to make the bag, from what I can tell). I just checked out her site and on page 9 was where the blockers started. At least right now, that’s where they are.

Chappy, thanks so much for brightening my day with this picture!

To the rest of you, I’m off on Friday for a full day in Monroe, Michigan. I’ll be at a Machine Knitting workshop (the workshop is Fri/Sat but I’m teaching feltmaking Saturday so I’m going for one day).

I’m really looking forward to meeting some of my online friends from a Machine Knitting list I recently found (the nicest people you can imagine). I have this “new” Singer 700 machine that I’ve never used, it has a ribber and I don’t even know how to cast on or do anything with the ribber at this point. (It also has punch cards, but I’m emphatically not ready for that yet.) I got it right before I went to Africa and thus didn’t have my normal December down time that I used the year before to play with my previous machine.

I figure I’ll go and watch some people use machines with this type of setup and see if I can jump-start my learning curve. And meet other folks who maybe live closer to me than 2 hours away. Then I can go home and actually try this gizmo I bought!!! In my spare time, right??? Right.

See you Saturday.