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Archive for October 1st, 2005

Busy Weekend

Saturday, October 1st, 2005

polymer toolsI have been gifted with a seminar on PhotoShop this weekend, which happened at the last minute. The class is 4 hours Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday. I’m teaching both Sat/Sun afternoons but I went all night to PhotoShop on Friday and will go both mornings this weekend, before teaching my own classes in the afternoons. Whee! Fun… but I will sure enjoy my day off on Tuesday!

I took this seminar back in Y2K, and learned a lot, and I’m still using what I learned then. Now I’m ready for a new level of understanding (I always did Web work and now I’m doing some printing, which is a new realm with new rules). I’m really enjoying the knowledge. I’m not at all good at sitting still at one desk for 4 hours, but it is worth dealing with to get what I’m getting.

wristwarmerClass got out at 9:40pm and so we ate dinner after 10pm Friday. That leaves only a small time to rehearse our music and then go to bed so I can get up and lug myself to class which starts at 9am. Ugh. It’s worth the hassle, though, for the knowledge.

Last Minute Fun Classes
If anyone is looking for a fun class this weekend, I’m doing two classes in the Lansing area. The classes are definitely a “go” so if you feel like just showing up, you’d be most welcome to join in.

First, I’m doing Polymer Clay Tools at Rae’s Yarn Boutique near Frandor (in Lansing, MI) from 1-5pm. I did polymer for at least ten years before picking up the knitting needles this time around. There is no way to have a bad polymer class, it’s just the most fun one can have. Everyone will go home with something they feel good about, it’s much more instant-gratification than knitting, I hate to admit. A great class, I hope you consider it.

Then Sunday, I’m doing Wristwarmers at Little Red Schoolhouse. This is a great, fun class, a fast knit, and a great gift item. Just imagine your favorite teen with these! They love them. I love them, too… and I’m not hip, but I’m chilly a lot! This pattern can be worked in any weight yarn, can be short or long. It’s a great exercise in how to figure out knitting to fit without a gauge swatch.

The green ones here are in bulky Lamb’s Pride yarn for heavy outdoor wear. On September 9 I showed two lighter-weight versions in DK yarn I had dyed myself, one in garter stitch fabric and one like the one here, a tube knit in the round on double-pointed-needles. There is a wristwarmer version for any knitter who can do a knit stitch or more… and they knit up so fast you can do a pile of them for gifts before it is even holiday season!

I can do a pair in a day, have done it at least once. Have a peek at those, the ones I wear currently in my actual life! And then once you’ve looked at them all, do come on down and take the class if you can. If you can not, I do have the wristwarmer pattern for sale. If you want one, that is. Trust me, these are the best gift since sliced bread (or something like that).