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Archive for October 2nd, 2005


Sunday, October 2nd, 2005

Temesgen HusseinI am soooo wiped out but I’m happy. I do have a good life these days and I really don’t forget it.

I got up early (for me) on Saturday, prepared for my afternoon class and then went to PhotoShop class for the morning. It was really enlightening.

At noon I ran home and picked up my supplies for the afternoon class, ran to Aladdin’s restaurant for a take out lunch and ran across the street to Rae’s for polymer clay class. I had two students, Tamsyn and Sarah… and we had a good deal of fun!!! We made buttons, mostly, but Tamsyn made a crochet hook handle and both of them covered bic stic pens (they did a great job of it, too).

After they left, I hung out and talked to Rae for a while, and finally knit a little. I had not knit a single stitch on Friday. I was ready to knit Saturday. I am knitting a wristwarmer out of my own ColorSport yarn in Silver Denim colorway. It’s turning out very nicely. I made a child’s hat out of the same yarn (silver with small bits of blue and purple) and made a button for the top of the hat, and it turned out beautifully. The wristwarmer is promising to be the same.

After Brian and I were both done with our day work, we went to Altu’s for dinner and music by Temesgen Hussein, who is our house musician and plays traditional Ethiopian music on Krar and Begena, and he sings along in a wonderful low voice.

I told Temesgen recently that Wikipedia did not have anything about the Begena and that he might like to contribute. (Wikipedia is written by readers… I’ve added a few photos, myself.) He wrote this enlightening article in response to my encouragement. You might be interested to check it out. If you have never been to Wikipedia, this might be a nice introduction.

It is an hour past midnight and I am absolutely wiped out with lack of sleep, so I will post pics of the polymer class and my knitting at a later date. Sunday I do PhotoShop in the morning again, and I have a wristwarmer class at Little Red Schoolhouse in the afternoon. It should be a great day.

The photo today is of Temesgen Hussein (playing music at Altu’s). He is dressed in traditional Ethiopian clothing, playing one of his two instruments.