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Archive for October 6th, 2005


Thursday, October 6th, 2005

lansingDrat. Yesterday it was 84F degrees, my favorite temp. I ate it up! Today it is 49F. I’m wrapped up in so many layers of knit fabric that I look like the Michelin man. Nuts! I love summer, and I’m grieving its passing.

I guess the lack of sleep this week is making me grumpy but I just want to pout. In reality, things are truly beautiful in this corner of the world right now. Many trees had turned yellow by this weekend, and now a few are also orange. The burning bushes are not red yet, so we are still low on the full color. At least there is no frost warning tonight, because I still have a tomato bush covered with small green tomatoes.

And our music CD package made it to the New Jersey CD-manufacturing plant without incident this morning. So far, so good. If all goes smoothly we may get the CD the day (or two) before we go to Midwest Ukefest. This is really too close for comfort, but it is reality. One hiccup in the process, and we will have to give up this dream, but we keep hoping. Send out good vibes for me on that.

I’m going to go wrap up in my 4-layered handspun/handwoven cotton Ethiopian “gahbi” blanket and sleep my mood away. Tomorrow is another day, right?

The photo is downtown Lansing in Autumn of 2003. I love this building.