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Archive for October 8th, 2005

Picture Catch-Up Time

Saturday, October 8th, 2005

Finally… finally I’m catching up on some promised photos!!!

Here’s my wristwarmer class from last Sunday at Little Red Schoolhouse. It’s Toni, Caroline (I hope I spelled that right) and darned if I have forgotten the beautiful feminine name of my student on the right. I hope she tunes in here and writes to correct my poor memory! They had a great time and I loved working with them!

In the second photo, you see Working Women Artists (WWA, a multi-media artist guild), from the Sunday night meeting at Bare Bone Studios in Old Town Lansing. I love this space. Look at the big back door that opens onto a green space. We seem to always open this door unless it is just too cold outside to make it realistic. I love open doors.

Next is another photo from the WWA meeting. On the bottom left is my friend Regina who I mention here often. Regina, I’ll do my best to start in on your 15 minutes of fame! Regina is a wonderful artist. When I met her, she was doing mostly oil paintings of people. She really has branched out and done all sorts of other artful expressions since then. I am sure she’s won awards for printmaking and sculpture in the last several years since I’ve known her.

Regina is so quiet, you need to ask her questions to get her started, but she knows so much about art! Once you ask she’s full of good information. If you ever want to visit an art gallery/museum anywhere in the midwest or northeast of the USA, she always knows where to stay, how to get there, restaurants nearby, the whole thing. She’s a great resource and a loyal friend.

(I took several shots of my CityKidz Knit program on Wednesday and Thursday but I’m going to leave that for its own post.)

Last, but not least, is Rae of Rae’s Yarn Boutique. This young and perky yarn shop owner just got her new copy of the Sally Melville Knitting Experience/Color book on Sunday. I talked to her on Wednesday and she had already finished this skirt from the book. Friday I came by and she had dressed up in the skirt and special argyle socks she got just to wear with it.

I told Rae to pose for the camera and she just looks as happy and funky as she was looking in person. Too bad you can not see the shoes and shoelaces up close. She was stylin’ from head to toe.

For the record, I have acquired several great books that are new to me lately. In the last 3 weeks or so I got my Nancy Bush Historical Socknitting book from Little Red Schoolhouse, my Sally Melville Color book at Threadbear, and a precious copy of Lizbeth Upitis’ Latvian Mittens book from a blogger friend. Oh, my! Drowning in happy pages, that’s me.

I want to knit the over-the-knee socks at the back of the Nancy Bush book! I want to knit at least 25% of the projects in the Sally Melville book, too… I always love her designs, she is very creative and her pieces often look great on more than one body type.

And the mittens? Well, I don’t wear mittens but they are an artform I adore. I now have the Folk Mittens book, Anna Zilboorg’s Magnificent Mittens, the Estonian kntting book by Nancy Bush, a book on Estonian mittens written in Estonian that I bought from Merike Saarniit, and the Latvian Mittens book. They all are inspiring alone, but taken together I’m in love with the artform that is the humble mitten.

I’m preparing to teach a “Design Your Own Colorful Mittens” class at Threadbear on October 19 (scheduled for 2 weeks but I have a 3rd in spare in case people want to continue) from 11a-1p. I’m very excited about this, there are so many things a person can do to make wonderful mittens. I’ll limit some structure/shape options so I can stay on top of the class but for patterning, the sky is the limit!

OK… off to bed. Saturday I have a good handful of students coming for Fast Florida Footies class at Threadbear, at 11am. Then at 6:30-8:30 is our Abbott Brothers Band performance at Altu’s restaurant. It will surely be a good day!