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Archive for October 12th, 2005

Vest at 3.25 Stitches/Inch?

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

Hi, friends! I’m looking for some help finding a pattern. My student, OfficiallyaKnitter, got some great yarn (textured, in teals and neutrals) at the guild garage sale months ago. She’s ready to start working with this yarn, as her fanciest project so far.

The yarn came in without a suggested gauge on the ball band. We went to Threadbear and picked out a pattern for her, a kimono-style vest in garter stitch that comes with a great recommendation from someone (Sue) who knit it herself. It’s well-written, calls for almost no sewing which is really good for my student, and looks flattering. It specifies 5 stitches an inch in garter stitch fabric.

I had her swatch up the yarn, though, and she’s getting 3.25st/inch in garter! We thought this was DK or worsted weight but it’s acting bulky even on size 6 needles. I did write Irene, the woman who she got the yarn from, and Irene also says it’s a bulky yarn.

So drat! We got a really good pattern, but it won’t work with this yarn.

So I’m here asking you folks… does anyone have any great ideas for a vest pattern in a bulky gauge such as this? We’re at 3.25st/in in garter. She would like something with as little sewing as possible, so either a stockinette pullover in the round or something in garter stitch that perhaps has picked up stitches rather than seams. She keeps the heat down in the winter so will really appreciate a vest for warmth, soon!

We are talking about a ladies’ Medium depending on how much wiggle room there is in the pattern. She has at least 800 yards of yarn (I think 8 full 50gm balls and 3 partial balls). Any suggestions?

Please send me mail at Lynn@ColorJoy.com if you have any ideas. I’m off to check if my sweater-creation software (Knitware Sweaters) has any vest options, in the meantime.

CityKidz Knit!

Wednesday, October 12th, 2005

kidLast Wednesday started my fall program for CityKidz Knit! It was fun to knit with children again. My big happy surprise was one of my girls who was a regular two years ago, came back. She and two other kids from her family, that is. I was really happy to see her!!!

Also a few of my regulars from last year came on Thursday. More happy feelings there, for sure.

kidsThey all make a wristband at first, five stitches, garter fabric. This way they can tell if they have the wrong number of stitches, if they are watching at all… and it is reasonable to finish within one to three weeks for most kids.
Here is a picture of my long-lost-and-now found knitter with a tulip she knit/made up herself (complete with increases and decreases), a picture of several of my girls on Thursday (one is crocheting a chain rather than knitting), and a photo of a little boy’s project (he finished and wore it as an ankle bracelet on Thursday). It’s interesting… he does end up with a lot of stitches (I decrease occasionally for him), but it really is fabric and it’s hard to figure out how he got the extras. I think he stabs the tip of the needle into the fabric rather than sliding up the needle into a previous row’s stitch. When I stand next to him, of course, he does it just fine. This is the work of a distracted boy!