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Archive for October 13th, 2005

Sock Pair 120 Done!

Thursday, October 13th, 2005

LynnH sock pair 120I have finished constructing my pair 120, in Bazic bulky wool superwash from Classic Elite. I’m really happy they are done. It has been nearly 3 months since I finished a pair of socks. Compared to my “pair every 10 days” pace I kept up for over 2 years, I have been knitting out of my comfort zone (lots of sample items, especially hats and wristwarmers). I need a pair of sox every once in a while to feel like I am still me.

These socks were knit top down with afterthought heels and slightly slouchy cuffs. They fit great!

This yarn can only be described as “bouncy.” It is a tight little springy tube of dense wool. The ball band calls for 4 st/inch on size 9US (5.5mm) needles. I don’t even remember any longer what size needle I used but I think it was my favorite 2-1/2US (2.75mm) plastic DPNs. I got about 5.25 st/in. These should wear like iron, I hope. If they don’t, the heels and toes can easily be re-knit on this style of sock.

I woke up at 5:45am (you know how odd that is, me the night owl) from a vivid dream. I was still tired, but unable to go back to bed right away.

So I sat at my desk, unpicked the errant stitches in my 10 stitch graft on the heel, and re-grafted. I do have ends to work in, but I’ll be at Foster Community Center watching the computer lab for a few hours today, and I should have time to work in ends there between questions about computers and knitting.

Now I’m going back to bed. I sure am tired, and maybe my mind has settled from the dream enough to sleep again. It wasn’t a bad dream, but it was intense. I think the sock was the right buffer for me to go back and sleep for another couple of hours (I work at 10am).

(Late addition: Photo of socks posted just after midnight.)


Thursday, October 13th, 2005

Grass Skirt Progress
Well, in two days I finished knitting one 50gm/88yd ball of froofy yarn for a grass skirt. So far, so good. It’s not really easy since it has little loops that get caught in the tips of the needles, but the yarn is very soft and pretty. I do very much like the fabric I am getting.

I have knit 3.5″ of fabric, 144 stitches around. The yoke of the skirt will be from a purchased hawaiian-print skirt I found at a resale shop, upon which I’ll sew the tube of knitted fabric. I’m guessing this woven-fabric skirt will account for at least 3″ of the length of the skirt when it is all done.

I have seven balls of yarn to knit from. If the first one created 3.5″ of fabric, this means I do have plenty of yarn to make an above-the-knee skirt. I’m happy about that.

Class News
Oh… (catching up yet again) I enjoyed my toe up sock class with Linda, at Little Red Schoolhouse this Tuesday. We had fun, the two of us. I’m finishing a pair of fat alpaca socks I started in a previous toe up sock class (one bulky footie per class gets things finished eventually, and keeps my feet warm).

Linda is working with Lamb’s Pride worsted, a great cold-weather sockyarn. In hot green. My kind o’girl, Linda is! (Actually the shop owner is a Linda, so is my student… The word “linda” in Spanish means beautiful, and both ladies qualify.)

Cool Autumn Weather
I tell you, I’m grumpy and cold lately. This time of year is always hard for me… my body doesn’t know how to turn on the furnace, so to speak, for about a month after it turns chilly outside, and I just shiver my way around the house for what seems like forever.

Right now I’m wearing two pair wool socks, wool legwarmers, a cotton turtleneck, an alpaca/mohair sweater, alpaca wristwarmers, and an angora/wool hat. And my nose is still cold!!! It is not yet freezing outdoors here. Even the indoor temperature is not bad, about 70F/21C, but I just can not feel warm. I’m very happy to have my 4-layer handspun/handwoven cotton Ethiopian blanket (gahbi) to wrap up in. When I’m looking like a cocoon in my gahbi, I actually feel warm enough to not be so grumpy.

I’ll be more comfy around Thanksgiving (late November for those outside the US), when I finally get my personal inner pilot light working. I must say that it’s beautiful outdoors anyway, thank goodness. The colors are finally turning in the last day or two, and I am definitely enjoying that part of the chilly autumn.

Dreams of Finishing
So, in more happy news… I have more unfinished projects than ever but I found my last almost-done pair of socks from early August. I finished the afterthought heels on these with grafting/kitchener stitch but I did it differently on each sock. I will have to pick out the yarn one stitch at a time on one of the heels, not a whole dozen stitches, then re-sew, and finish a few ends. Then they will be done.

I’m sitting them on my desk here to remind me to finish that one heel properly. I will feel better if I can finish something. Especially if I can finish some socks! And these are nice fat/warm yarn (Bazic Wool from Classic Elite, a sweater yarn) so the timing would be excellent! Warm feet are a lovely thing.