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Archive for October 14th, 2005


Friday, October 14th, 2005

CityKidzOn Wednesday and Thursday this week I had my CityKidz Knit! program. I love these children!!! They all are as different as can be. They all want to be knitting, and I am thrilled to help them with the process.

On Wednesday one of my older girls was interested in a little skill-building. She came in last week already very good at the knit stitch, so she learned the purl stitch (from another more experienced child… while I was working with the absolute beginners). This week I told her that I had a few purse kits donated to the program (last year, actually)… one is a goldfish and one a frog, both with mouth as the opening for the purse. Was she interested? Yes she was.

She chose the goldfish. I found her some DPNs in size 10.5 that had been donated to the program a good while ago. She learned to work in the round on the double pointed needles and off she went! Her mother was properly impressed when she came at the end of class to take the student home. As she should be.

This student has not followed patterns before, but she said she has a book at home to help her with instructions. She’ll surely get stuck at some point but I’ll help her when that happens.

It’s a delight to find someone so ready to learn! This program is normally younger kids who are happy with 5-stitch wristbands, over and over again (and this is just fine with me… I knit garter stitch only for 20 years and that made me happy).

However, when I do get someone outside the standard, I really enjoy watching them soar. You saw last week the photo of one of my other advanced students (she who had made up her own design for knitted tulips). That tulip-knitter just completed a backpack of her own design from feltable yarns donated this summer by Mare Smith (thanks, Mare!!!). I can’t wait to see how it comes out of the washing machine, I’m sure I’ll see it on Wednesday. Mind you, I gave her the yarn a week ago, she finished the knitting and sewing in eight days. I am not sure if she has completed straps yet but the rest is ready for the washer. If you don’t tell kids things are too hard, they dive in and go. Even if it is imperfect, they learn from that imperfection. Kids do better with imperfection, for the most part, than do my adult students.

Thursday as I was teaching my adult beginning knit class, someone knocked at the classroom door. I was curious, as the room was unlocked. It was one of my older CityKidz leaving the community center for the day. She came to say goodbye, and hugged me before I knew what was happening. I think these kids can tell how highly I regard them. This particular child I’ve had with me for over 2 years now, and we did not knit at Foster Center this summer. I guess she missed me. I’m touched.

Here’s a photo of some of my Thursday bunch. My tulip/backpack knitter is at back in dark blue t-shirt.