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Archive for October 16th, 2005

Apples Before: Apples After

Sunday, October 16th, 2005

Saturday I went to visit Altu at her restaurant before it opened. We sat outdoors in the sun (we were protected from wind so it felt lovely and warm) and chatted.

Next to the parking lot is an apple tree. It was clearly planted as a decoration, and the owners have no interest in the fruit. it’s an old fashioned fruit, smaller apples and mostly green even when ripe. They taste wonderful, they are crisp and not too tart, not too sweet.

While we were talking, we would occasionally hear an apple hit the pavement. Finally we could not stand to see the good food go to waste any longer. She got out her ladder and steadied it, and I climbed up and picked as many apples as I could reach. They were so ripe that I’d reach out to pick one, and two would just fall before I could even get to them.

I ended up with a small bucket, partly full, of homely little organic apples. And I went home, supposedly to work. I did do some work. And I also baked two apple crisps, one for me and one for Altu. I started with a recipe my family has enjoyed for years, but I changed almost every ingredient except the apples.

It was really good.

Knitting a Tribble

Sunday, October 16th, 2005

fuzzy skirt in progressI’ve got a fuzzy lump in my purse and it reminds me of the tribbles I heard were in a very early Star Trek TV show. Mind you, I’ve seen one episode of Star Trek in total, and not the whole show at that… I’m not big on TV or movies anyway. Since space-related stories make my nerves on end, I never was interested in Star Trek, believe it or not. But tribbles, lumpy fuzzy beings that reproduce faster than rabbits, well, that idea repeats itself in my mind regarding many things in life.

Now I have a green tribble in my purse, or so it seems. It will someday, I hope, be a “grass skirt.” This time around, my skirt fabric is promising, anyway. The fabric feels the right texture/thickness for the purpose, as long as it will fit me (or be coerced into fitting). I just finished my second skein before I took this photo, so I’m really sure I like how the fabric feels and looks, anyway.

Isn’t it charming? I really hope it doesn’t grow too large to be lugged around in my bag. I’ve knit this piece mostly waiting in this or that line, waiting for food in restaurants, and biding my time between events at Foster Center. I need to wear it in less than 2 weeks, so I need to really stay on it or the cause is lost.

You know, I was thinking while knitting this, that my other project I’m knitting on the same days (just at home because it needs more attention) is a historically-inspired multicolored, stranded fuzzy wool mitten. There is so much talk on the email lists about people who knit with “froofy” yarns, versus those who knit wooly, more likely historically-inspired items. As if they were totally conflicting interests!!!

Here I am sitting on the fence of this discussion, it seems. I bet there are more like me than the chat lets on. I like being creative. I like color. I like texture. I like all my options, depending on the circumstances.

We are going to Midwest Ukefest on October 27. I’ll be delighted to wear my grass skirt that weekend, if I can just make it work!!!